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    Arctic Fox Blues

    Go Blue and condition while you color! Ready to use right out of the bottle, our cruelty-free semi-permanent hair color is highly-pigmented. All AF Blues work best on pre-lightened hair but richer colors like Aquamarine will show on even Level 5 unbleached hair. Click on a color to see how it looks on different levels of hair! 15% of all profits donated to Animal Charity. 

    Add Arctic Mist Diluter to create a softer version of any Shade.

    True Blue Hair Dye True Blue Hair Dye
    From $11.99
    Teal hair dye - 0 Teal hair dye - 0
    From $11.99
    Navy Blue Hair Dye - 0 Navy Blue Hair Dye - 0
    From $11.99
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