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    Arctic Fox Purples

    Get your perfect Purple and condition while you color! Ready to use right out of the bottle, our cruelty-free semi-permanent hair color is highly-pigmented. All AF Shades work best on pre-lightened hair but richer colors like Purple AF will show on even Level 5 unbleached hair. Click on a color to see how it looks on different levels of hair! 15% of all profits donated to Animal Charity.

    #AFProtip: Purple AF is the perfect transition Color and can color correct faded green tones in blonde hair! Want to go from Green to Pink? Once your color is sufficiently faded, apply Purple AF all over and wait for it to fade to a soft lilac. Then, you're ready to go Pink.  

    Add Arctic Mist Diluter to more pigmented hues to create a softer version of any Shade.

    Purple Hair Dye - 0 Purple Hair Dye - 0
    From $11.99
    Lavender Hair Dye - 0 Lavender Hair Dye - 0
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    pastel blue hair dye pastel blue hair dye
    From $11.99
    Violet Hair Dye - 0 Violet Hair Dye - 0
    From $11.99
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