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    Level 6-8

    Darker blonde can be tricky when knowing how semipermanent color will show up on your hair. Everyones hair is different but we have swatches on each product page to help you choose! Typically we recommend sticking to our highly-pigmented, warmer tones. Here are our favorite shades for Level 8 hair!

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    Magenta Hair Dye Magenta Hair Dye
    From $11.99
    Teal hair dye - 0 Teal hair dye - 0
    From $11.99
    Violet Hair Dye - 0 Violet Hair Dye - 0
    From $11.99
    Candy Apple Red Hair Dye - 0 Candy Apple Red Hair Dye - 0
    From $11.99
    Orange Hair Dye - 0 Orange Hair Dye - 0
    From $11.99
    Forest Green Hair Dye - 0 Forest Green Hair Dye - 0
    From $11.99
    Purple Hair Dye - 0 Purple Hair Dye - 0
    From $11.99
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