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    Because everyone’s hair is different, do the Strand Test to see the results of color application. 
    • Shampoo and fully dry the hair.  Do NOT use the Conditioner.  
    • Select approximately 1 inch strands of hair in a hidden area of your hair. 
    • Evenly distribute the Arctic Fox hair color to the selected test strands until it becomes frothy.
    • Wrap the test strands with tin foil to protect the surrounding hair and let the color process for at least 30 minutes.
    • Rinse the test strands in cool water away from the face until water runs clear.  
    • Dry hair and see the color outcome. It may be necessary to pre-lighten the hair prior to using the Arctic Fox Hair Color for bright and vibrant hair color that matches the color swatch on the bottle.
    • You may choose different shade of Arctic Fox hair color, or use Arctic Mist to dilute other colors for lighter shades, and/or mix different colors to achieve different results.
    • You may repeat the test as needed.
    *Greece has a three-item limit due to customs restrictions* close