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    Celebrating All Things AF: New Hair Color Launches, Donations to Amazing Rescues, and Much More!

    Celebrating All Things AF: New Hair Color Launches, Donations to Amazing Rescues, and Much More!

    @evelina.forsell in Ginger Flare

    Time flies when you’re having fun, and we DEFINITELY have. 10 years ago we set out to create the best prismatic hair color line and now we’re coloring and conditioning hair across the globe. We’ve celebrated all things AF all year long with launches, giveaways, donations to amazing organizations and more. But first, let's take a look back at what was going on in our world in 2013 when it all began.

    - “What does the Fox Say” was the most viral Youtube video of the year...
    - Now we’re always asking “what does the Fox FAM say?!”
    - Word of the year: SELFIE (how perfect)
    - Platinum and pastel hair were IT
    - Pixie cuts and mohawk braids were everywhere
    - Orange Is the New Black and Breaking Bad were the most talked about TV shows
    - We were obsessed with cronuts
    - Miley twerked at the VMA’s
    - Britney coined the term “work, b*tch”

    The timing couldn’t have been more perfect to launch a brand dedicated to all things attitude and hair color. Since the start we have been driven to create a space for everyone to express themselves and do it all for a great cause. But what have we done since launching Arctic Fox?

    - Evolved our hair color line to now include over 20 unique shades
    - Produced an affordable and high quality hair care line                                     - Expanded the brand to be wherever YOU are, in some of the most popular beauty stores Ulta, Sally Beauty, and Hot Topic                                                      - Launched our Foxology gel nail kits and nail polishes
    - Became a leader in affordable at-home hair color
    - Empowered our Fox Fam to embrace their uniqueness
    - Helped thousands of animals along the way with your support of AF

    We’ve done so much through the years to create our colorful community and impact the lives of animals worldwide through our efforts. All of this made it that much more important to us to go out with a bang for our 10th anniversary and we couldn’t be more thankful to have spent it with all of you. Here’s how we celebrated through this year:

    We added new dyes to the mix… and brought some back. Our newest shade, Ginger Flare is now one of our most popular colors, and we LOVE to see you sport your coppery looks!

    @evelina.forsell in Ginger Flare

    But for a bit of nostalgia, we brought back an old favorite this year. Your peachy bestie, Porange is back (for a limited run) just in time for you to create looks around Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2024, Peach Fuzz! 

    @meghanowen in Electric Paradise and Porange

    We let YOU decide on future launches! We listened to your requests and you helped make Ginger Flare a best seller. So we took it a little further by letting our Fox Fam decide which color we should release in 2024 and you guys did NOT disappoint. Make sure you’re signed up for emails and follow us on our socials to see when the chosen shade is released. We can’t wait to see you guys use this gorgeous spacey blue shade.

    Expansion, expansion, expansion! Our Foxology nail line had TONS of growth this year. We added dozens of new polish colors and gel nail kits to the mix. We even introduced you to Foxy the Snowman.

    Checker Out


    As seen on…. TV, magazines and just EVERYWHERE. This year your favorite at-home hair color and nail brand (aka US) was featured on celebrities like Karol G and Megan Fox. How sick is that?

    There were lots of opportunities to win big! We partnered with brands like Loungefly for social media giveaways to give back to our Fox Fam.

    And for our loyal Fox Fam, there were even more ways to save and earn! We leveled up our rewards program for our loyal customers to have better ways of earning points on their AF purchases.

    We gave back to those in need. Our animal rescue partners have been near and dear to us through the years. As a company that prides itself on donating 15% of our revenue to animal welfare organizations, we wanted to make sure we gave back in more ways this year. 

    Our team kicked off the year with visits to Viva Rescue and Judith A. Bassett Candid Education & Conservation Center to meet with the animals we help impact through our donations.

    At Viva Rescue our donations this year helped cover care costs that saved the lives of young goats.

    Our donation to Judith A. Bassett Candid Education & Conservation Center helped them fund the addition of several new enclosures. Including one for an actual arctic fox!

    Our work with Second Chance Animal Rescue helped to cover medical costs for several animals in their care.

    WIth IFAW we were able to support their efforts to help animals around the world even through natural disasters and displacements in areas with political unrest.

    Without you and your support, none of this would be possible. We are so happy to have built a community that supports us as a brand and our ongoing fight for animal welfare. We couldn’t be more thankful for our Fox Fam and we’re so excited to show you what we have up our sleeves in the new year and beyond. Thanks for celebrating with us all through 2023!

    Arctic Fox Gifting Guide: Zodiac Edition

    The holidays are upon us (where TF did this year go!?) and the stars have aligned to bring you a gift guide ruled by the Zodiac elements for that special someone in your life. So let’s get started with the gifting magic shall we? 

    Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

    Air signs are the thinkers and doers of the zodiac, with their intellectuality and curiosity being the driving force in how they move through the world. Their live and let live mentality allows them to breeze through life, rarely stopping to catch a breath. They analyze and probe, but easily make decisions, because they’re just THAT smart. Sound like anyone you know?

    Air signs are synonymous with freedom, and bringing a breath of fresh air to our world. People under an air sign are adventurous, curious, and ever-changing (much like our hair). This personality can make them somewhat difficult to pin down and to peg exactly what gifts they’d enjoy.  So we have a few ideas to help you out!

    Arctic Mist Diluter is designed to swish with other colors and create unique mixes, and pastel shades. These lighter, customized looks match well with air signs and appeal to their outgoing personality, and ever changing nature. 

    @salinesimon in Arctic Mist Diluter and Aquamarine 

    While air can seem elusive or confusing for some others under a different elemental star sign, they are very interested in other people and naturally analytical. The air element can sometimes be an overthinker, taking a while to ponder their next move. For that reason, people and products that ground them back into the present moment are great for air zodiac signs. 

    Resurrected Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for the Gemini, Libra or Aquarius in your life. Air zodiac signs tend to be intellectual (many air signs are lawyers, doctors, writers, speakers, or scientists) and their minds can get a little busy. Treat them to a touch of pampering and down time with the Resurrected duo. She will help them nourish their hair and maybe even switch off that deep thinking mode for a while. 

    If you want to treat an air sign with something that will appeal to their more adventurous side,  Celestial Shimmer is an electric member of Foxology’s latest Holiday Glitter Nail Polish drop! This eye-catching blue glitter brings seasonal shine and more than a hint of the stars - perfect to be the center stage at allll the holiday parties! 

    Fire - Aries, Sagittarius, Leo 

    Fire signs are KNOWN for their passion. They’re creative, and playful, with an abundance of energy and charm. Fire signs tend to be performers or creators, passionate explorers, with an adventurous spirit.


    Arguably the most perfect gift for that passionate fire sign in your life is Crimson Claus, a delightful crimson red shade for those who are not sure they made the nice list this year. But hey, it was a good time wasn’t it!?

    Fire signs are known to be pretty fiery; (ironic we know!) sometimes they deliver a chaotic, disruptive energy due to excitement and passion, because well, fire signs are always in doing mode. They are trendsetters often leading the way and breaking new ground. They are confident and there is very little in life that they don’t feel they are equipped to take on.  

    Fire signs will be well matched to Poison, our most fiery red tone that mirrors their personality. This shade will exude that confident, center-stage persona that belongs to Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo zodiac signs. 

    @not_reagan in Poison

    If there’s one word that comes to mind when we think of fire signs, it’s VOLUME. Pump up that hair with Vacay Volumizing Shampoo, and make any hairdo end in…WOW. 

    Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

    Helloooo, practical and grounded queens!

    Earth signs are known to be creators, and organizers with a loyal nature. Their artistic flair makes them innovative in their personal and professional lives. Rooted and grounded energy permeates the auras of earth signs, and they generally take on life with a practical approach and take time before making big decisions. Do you feel that calming energy already? 

    Earth signs love anything tasteful and classy. Mix that in with self-care and you’ve got a winning gift on your hand! Our Stony Path Gel Nail Kit combines all of the above in a simplistic, yet classy design - that mix of gray and silver is enough to make an earth sign say yes, please!  

    We can’t do our earth signs justice without highlighting a rich green that just GIVES earth, goddess energy. Phantom Green is THE shade for earth baddies, and you can pick the matching nail polish to fully embody the look! 

    @aambriaa in Phantom Green

    @jadetoblack in Phantom Green and Frosé

    Earth signs are good at caring for themselves and their loved ones. This caring nature can even extend to their homes or objects they care about. Earth signs will go to war for the people and things they care about most.

    Lean into the protective, nurturing nature of the earth sign personality with the OG Hair Perfume and UV Protectant. This product keeps locks hydrated and protected from UV, because you KNOW our earth signs are spending all the time they can in the outdoors. Combined with that luscious grape scent? It’s the perfect stocking stuffer. 

    Water - Pisces Scorpio, Cancer

    Water signs are intuitive, emotional, sensitive, and sentimental. So yes, they love all the extra love they can get! 

    Water signs have an elite ability to sense the world around them, and understand feelings and emotions of themselves and others. They tend to absorb the environment and emotions around them like a sponge, so having the right circle is important to them. This zodiac group needs clarity in their mind, body, and spirit.  

    When you’re thinking of the water sign in your life, a gesture of nurturing self-care will go a long way! Throw in Pool Party, our foaming hair mask with allll the yummy nutrients for a spa day you can squeeze in before a shower or long, relaxing bath. 

    Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer signs are also capable of transformation in order to reach their potential, with more focus on building a fulfilling life than awards or material things. 

    If you want to gift your loved one with a new look to aid their outward transformation, Blue Odyssey is a navy blue, and steel blue marbleized nail kit that can perfectly fit the spiritual and intuitive sense of a water sign, allowing them to transform their look with ease. 

    Because of those heavy feels, water signs can be cautious at times, and tend to seek comfort in life, but this doesn’t stop them looking for depth and emotional fulfillment by any means! 

    The color that best channels this feel-y energy is Aquamarine! The gorgeous blue with teal undertones that brings the watery element to life and channels intuitive, imaginative, and free energy. Take it to another level with Aquamarine’s matching nail polish and omg, you know that’s a winning combo.

    @rike.m in Aquamarine

    @jadetoblack in Aquamarine and Blue Jean Baby 

    Whether you’re treating yourself or your loved ones to our Zodiac picks this year, we can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you’re testing out a new color, or a special nail look, tag us at @arcticfoxhaircolor on Instagram - you know we LIVE for it. 

    Bonus tip! If you’re a Fox Fam Rewards program member, you can send any of your friends a gift of $5 to use towards their first purchase! You’ll get $10 off your next order with every successful referral. Spread the Fox Fam love, we adore a big fam. 🥰


    How to Design Your Nails using Arctic Fox Vegan Nail Lacquer

    How to Design Your Nails using Arctic Fox Vegan Nail Lacquer

    @nailartbysig in Sunset Orange, Frosé, and Purple AF

    The Fox Fam are already totally head over heels in love with the awesome AF hair color range. But hold up, there’s more?! Yup. 

    NEED more of THOSE bright colors? Sure you do. Want even more intricate shades, patterns, and prints, but this time for your nails? Well, duh! 

    That’s why we’ve been mixing up some of our most popular shades into the Foxology collection of nail lacquers with all the bold AF colors you know. Sprinkle in patterns and prints and your nails can become a canvas with unlimited possibilities; you can paint almost anything your mind can imagine. 

    Before you unleash your nail art work worthy of the Louvre, we need to do a little basic prep, but don’t worry we’ve made it simple to follow, even for Nail Art novices. 

    Nail Art: The Basics 

    Start With a Clean, Dry Base 

    Just like when dyeing your hair, you’ll want to always start off your nail art with clean, dry nails. 

    Visionaries like us (tongue slightly in cheek) need a clean slate to work with. Start by scrubbing away any old polish to reveal your blank canvas. But it’s not quite time to dip the brush into the paint yet.

    First up, cleanse the nail bed to make sure your nails are clean underneath too, because this will not only give you healthier nails, but also a better overall look once you add your custom nail art. We always use lukewarm water to soak and clean under nails to reduce the drying impact on the skin and prevent aging (it’s totally preferable to scorching your skin in molten hot water). We’re always looking out for you, Fox.

    Now, you might want to trim and file your nails BEFORE painting to get them in tip-top shape for your design. Since you're creating nail art, try not to cut them too short -  you might need that extra real estate to work with for your exquisite patterns. 

    Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon have a perfect clean surface to add a base coat before you add polish!

    Use a Base Coat 

    You’ll want to set up the right foundations for your inner Picasso with a base coat. Apply one layer of base coat and allow it to completely dry before moving forward. *Waits impatiently* *Twiddles thumbs* 

    Base coats are usually clear or slightly bluish in color and protect your nails from getting stained or damaged by nail polish and other nail art materials. The long story short is, your base coat will help the polish stay in place longer, without chipping the design, so it’s kind of a must have if you want your dazzling nail display to last. 

    We have a fab base coat with all the juicy and healthy vitamins you nails need to thrive in our Foxology line up. It sets things up perfectly, ready for your masterpieces. (Muse entirely optional). 

    Intricate Designs 

    For intricate designs, make sure your base layer is fully dry and has enough coats (2- 3 usually works) this will make your design easier to realize and it will last MUCH longer. 

    Fox Pro Tip: Plan out your design! It’s easy to get carried away and jump right into painting, but.... planning the execution of intricate designs before-hand and knowing what you want to create step-by-step usually results in something more beautiful and refined. 

    Here’s another couple of pointers for your application technique. 


    If you’re going for an ombre effect, use a sponge. Apply the polish with the sponge from the tip of the nail downwards with a tapping or pressing motion. 

    With the first coat decide where the ombre line will finish. Use a clean side of the sponge to dab and fade out the finishing line. Finally, apply a second coat over the top section of the nail and gently fade it out to blend in with the previous coat and achieve the ombre pattern to faded perfection. 

    Need a little more ombre inspo? Try out Sunset Orange and Cosmic Sunshine for an ombre that’s prettier than a sunset. Or completely switch temperatures and blend Periwinkle into Sheer Nude for a cool blue and white winter ombre tone. 


    To shape intricate designs on your nails with patterns use a much smaller pointed brush to have greater control over the lines and artwork you create. You are working in a small space so it makes sense to use a smaller tool, right!? 

    For bonafide proof this works, check out how @nailartbysig created this awesome blood drip effect design ready for Halloween with Foxology shades and a fine brush. It’s the inspo you need! 



    And there’s more. @nailartbysig has been maxing out the potential of the Foxology collection with some delicious color and pattern combos. 

    Going as a “Pink Lady” with your crew this Halloween? This powerful pink mix of Frose and Virgin Pink has us calling our squad immediately. With a unique pattern on each nail this look has some added complexity that we find completely satisfying. 

    @nailartbysig in Frosé and Virgin Pink

    Next up, let’s take a look at this perfect autumnal blend. Purples, oranges, and a frosted pink help set up an impressive display for your digits. This design is anything but uniform, with block colors contrasted with a small circle dot on each nail. There’s even room for a seasonal ghost wearing a witches hat for Halloween. Loving your work! 

    @nailartbysig in Sunset OrangeFrosé, and Purple AF

    Blue Jean Baby with a single stand out leopard print pattern is the flawless go to design when you want to unleash your Queen of the jungle phase.

    @jadetoblack in Aquamarine and Blue Jean Baby

    Want to add a little pop to your prints? Try this kaleidoscopic design from @jadetoblack in Aquamarine, Phantom Green, Cosmic Sunshine, Poison, and Virgin Pink to add complexity and contrast. 

    @jadetoblack in Aquamarine, Phantom GreenCosmic SunshinePoison, and Virgin Pink

    Finally, why not try making waves and your friends green with envy via this Phantom Green and Frosé combo.  Block forest green colors are contrasted with a single digit in Frosé with a wavy Phantom Green line pattern. 

    @jadetoblack in Phantom Green and Frosé

    Want to inspire someone else with your artistic flair? Paint a colorful picture for the rest of the Fox Fam by tagging us @arcticfoxhaircolor. 

    Darkening Your Hair Color for Fall 2023

    Darkening Your Hair Color for Fall 2023

    @iamzoeyluna in Transylvania 

    Keep your look top-class this fall

    You can embrace the change, or you can dread it. But you can’t deny it: summer is over, baby. We’re working on ditching our late sleep-ins (dry shampoo for the win!), have restocked our coffee supplies, bought the organizers, and are getting used to the sound of the alarm. But how has our Fox Fam been falling back into a routine? Let’s just say that leaves aren’t the only things that are changing color!

    Lustrous, rich hair tones can make even the most boring schedules feel brighter, and with the onset of busy days, we’re seeing a rise in the deep, dark tones. They can be low-maintenance while still being high-impact, and they give the rich feeling of thicker hair that autumn styles show off the best. On top of that, blends and color combinations keep the looks as interesting as you are.

    Whatever your day-to-day looks like this fall, we’re excited to see everyone in dark mode.

    New you, new hue

    Good news, stargazers: Venus is out of retrograde💫! As (we’re sure) you already know, this means it’s a great time to start fresh with whatever’s been blocked for you lately. Romance can get kicked into high gear, work and creativity will start flowing, and we can’t think of a better sign that it’s time for a brand-new look.

    Part of your 2023 back-to-real-life glow-up should be a hair color that you’re stoked to show off — not to mention the noticeably hydrated and healthy hair that comes with using our AF deep-conditioning hair dyes. We’ve mentioned a few times lately that we are really digging the transition from summer cools to autumn warms, and that means going for a darker tone than what you rocked during the sunny season. Plus your hair will be totally in step with Fall 2023’s palette, making your hair the perfect accessory and always on-point.

    There’s something else that a darker tone gives to your updated ‘do—aside from all that lovely confidence that comes with a makeover, that is. Going to the dark side of the color wheel gives the gift of a low-maintenance mane. 

    In our previous blog on warm hair colors, we explained how a simple warm color can add depth to your hair that will give you a thicker, fuller-looking style without needing extra time with your diffuser. When you combine your warm-color lowlights with a time-saving volumizing shampoo you’re going to have a full look all day.

    ✨Remember that changing your look doesn’t have to mean changing your beliefs, and that’s why as much as we love watching your evolution, we’ll never be anything other than vegan and cruelty-free. Dye away, and with AF dark hair dyes, you’re dyeing for a cause.

    To Bleach or Not to Bleach?

    Real talk: Summer puts your hair through the wringer with chlorine, salt water, and sun damage. Keep in mind that even though we pack our potions to the brim with hair-helping ingredients, you can choose to skip the bleaching step now and again. You can also be creative and use it only in sections. Our influencers have found some truly jaw-dropping ways to only color parts of their hair—and still stun. Money pieces are a great example of a simple switch-up that can change your whole look, without changing your entire head.

    @_negatronn in Iris Green and Neon Moon

    @tavujesus in Frosé

    @lazybonesbeauty in Cosmic Sunshine

    @atouchofmurphy in Violet Dream and Purple AF 


    AF’s Bleach, Please is as gentle as a lightener can get, and even has added goodness to keep your hair healthy while it works. And yes, AF’s range of hair color dyes produces a truer color match when they are used on lighter hair. But if you’re looking for a tint without putting your hair through the bleaching process, you can opt for a beautiful color undertone that will come through even on darker or already dyed hair. 

    For an idea on how your color will turn out with your natural or current base color, have a look at our guide to using AF hair dyes on unbleached hair. If you like how these look, we’ve grouped all the colors here for easy shopping! 

    Pro-tip: Knowing your hair’s color level will be key to planning your look, and we can help you with that, too! Just cruise by this gem of an explainer which breaks it down for you.

    Of course, the only way to get the strong, intense pop of color you see on some of our most colorful influencers is to lighten your hair first.


    @christystarmua in Aquamarine and Periwinkle

    @hairwaytoheavennn in Wrath and Poison

    @violentinside in Purple AF and Transylvania 

    Stir it up for some killer color

    Remember: going dark doesn’t mean melting into the surroundings, and it certainly shouldn’t mean you’re stuck with one color! Blend your pastes for a unique shade, or combine multiple colors into your locks for a truly standout fall look. In our last blog, we talked about this fall’s trending hairstyles, and there was a lot of mention of color accents and how to use them. 

     In particular, the money pieces and the peekaboo styles work best when the color is applied precisely (and only!) where you want it. Because we want our Fox Fam’s hair dreams to come true and your looks exactly as you envisioned them, we recommend that you use our gentle-on-hair alligator clips to keep your sections secured and under control while you work.

    Here are the results of perfectly applied color.

    @yadeemua in Ginger Flare

    @wonderingminds_420 in Ritual and Electric Paradise

    @sighmmaya in Periwinkle and Poseidon

    @onedreamparis in Virgin Pink

    How to Darken Your Current Shade

    Looking for a darker shade that isn’t a total change of color? Easy peasy! 

    There are two ways you can do this:

    1. The first method will neutralize the color you have and deepen it slightly. Take a quick look at our color wheel blog (honestly, just bookmark it already) to find out what the opposite color is to the one you already have! Once you’ve got that, simply mix in a drop or two to your current color, and voila.
    2. Method number two is using a darker shade of the same color to help deepen the tone. Let’s say you have Aquamarine, you can add a bit of Blue Jean Baby to darken it. Again, the color wheel blog has a wheel that shows where all the AF colors fall on the wheel so it’s a snap to find out which one you need.

     To keep the blending simple and the colors separate while you apply, our tint bowls are going to be some of your besties.

    Peep these dark hues on our Fox Fam!

    As always, we look to you, our boldest and bravest Foxy trailblazers for our inspiration. After all, we can talk about change, but you are the gorgeous bunch that does it, flaunts it, and shares it with the world! Here are some superb examples of falling into the dark for autumn.

    @mylifeas_mel in Transylvania

    @makeupbytiffanybanks in Poseidon covered in Ritual

    @lil.mishroom in Cosmic Sunshine, Sunset Orange, and Purple AF 

    If you’re thinking of going green, stay tuned! Next week we’ll give some precise mixing tips for gorgeous green hues that need a little bit of alchemy to get just right.

    So lovelies, as you traipse into autumn vibes this year, remember that you can go dark and shine! Treat your hair right by using AF conditioning hair dyes, and for the love of gosh, share your hair journey with your Fax Fam by tagging @arcticfoxusa on your socials!

    How to Warm Up Your Hair Color For Fall 2023

    How to Warm Up Your Hair Color For Fall 2023 in Wrath and Poison

    Warm up your hair color for fall 2023

    Alright Fox Fam, bring it in for a huddle. We are in September, which means that summer is officially ending. This is not a drill! Shorter days are cooling us off, our neighborhood smells like pumpkin spice and cinnamon, and cuddly clothing is back on the radar. 

    Even more importantly: colors are changing. Those lush, vibrant greens are transitioning to gorgeous golds and stunning reds. And those are just the trees! Join them in welcoming the cozy months and warm up your hair color this fall.

    If you’re ready for an end-of-summer look shake-up but want some help deciding which warm hair color will have you stepping into autumn looking your best, dive in here. We explain everything you need to know about the warm colors in the AF hair dye range and why fall is the best time to show them off.

    What are warm hair colors and how do they change our look?

    In August, we gave you the skinny on just what we mean when we say ‘warm’ and ‘cold’, when we talk about colors. Take a quick peek now to refresh if you need it, we’ll wait!

    Warm colors are the ones you see in the heart of the fire: yellows, oranges, and reds… AKA: autumn colors! And AF’s selection of these hearth-y hues covers the entire warm spectrum. So from Violet Dream to Neon Moon, let’s take our cue from nature and let our fall colors show. You’ll be surprised at the change that you’ll see in your skin as well as your hair.

    From yellow to red, AF brings the vibrant autumn look you want!

    @not_reagan in Poison

    @itslauren in Cosmic Sunshine

    What do warm colors do for our skin tones? 

    Have you ever heard ‘like attracts like’? The same thing happens to colors and your eyes.


    OK, it’s a weird thought, that’s true. But think of matching your bag and your shoes. You don’t wear your purse on your feet, and you don’t carry your shoes over your arm (barring the cab ride home after those late-night dancing frenzies), so why do we want them to complement each other?

    Your eye will naturally notice similar colors in the same field of vision, even if they’re not right beside each other, or even on the same thing! That can make accessorizing tricky, but when used correctly this secret knowledge can be harnessed for good! 

    Here’s how: rIght now, the sun’s power is fading as we head towards the winter solstice, which means that your tan is *sobs* fading, but you can make your tan last longer! Keep the warm tones in your skin on display with hair colors from the warm side of the spectrum.

    Here is a head-turning example from @v2daline absolutely rocking Sunset Orange!

    What can a warm color do for our hair?

    Not only can warm hair colors keep our skin looking sun-kissed long after our last beach day, but they give the hair itself a deep personality! Those warming tones are fabulous at reflecting light — even when there’s less of it, like during fall and winter. That means your hair not only looks shiny, but it also makes it look thicker and fuller.

    Why is autumn the best time to go for warm colors?

    After a long, hot, bright summer, your body naturally craves change. And you’re not the only one. Here’s a little fact for ya: leaves are actually always red and yellow! However, in summer they also produce chlorophyll, which is a deep, strong green that overshadows the leaves’ natural warm pigments. As summer turns to fall, the trees are getting ready for their big seasonal transformation and the chlorophyll bows out, letting us finally see the glorious colors it's been hiding.

    So don’t fight it! Lean into your autumnal instincts, and let the reds and yellows be the light you carry into the cooler months. We know you’re feeling the sun in Virgo and planning ahead, so choose your hair color wisely. With less sunlight to pick up your highlights, use the natural brilliance your gorgeous hair gets from AF’s warm range.

    The best part? The AF colors on the warm spectrum are not limited to a handful of hues. We have Violet Dream all the way to Neon Moon, which means that if you can’t pick one, that’s because there are too many!

    @vivisterling is set to ‘stun’ in Cosmic Sunshine

    Peep @xtinebetch on fire with Ritual

    What changing weather does to hair

    Yes, humidity can be a pain. It can make your hair frizzy when you want it full, textured when you want it sleek, or just plain difficult when you want it effortless. But, love it or hate it, it brings some added body to your coif.

    With colder temps, there’s less moisture locked into the air around us, meaning our hair doesn’t get the benefit of added bounce and body that humidity can bring. 

    There is also the dreaded ‘static flyaways’ that drier air can bring. *shudder*

    Here’s where AF hair dye can save not just your look, but also your look. As a conditioning hair dye, it’s non-damaging to your hair and locks moisture into your cuticle—along with the eye-popping color you want.

     Look at the healthy bounce on @kingyayis, wearing Ginger Flare.

    Which warm hair color should you choose?

    Let’s get down to brass tacks: how can you, the creative Fox that you are, decide which of AF’s warm hair colors will best show off your current personality?

    Easy! Pick your fave. 

    In the red and orange ranges, the selection is superb. Ginger Flare takes top trending color, showing a gorgeous reddish cayenne hue on dark hair and a true ginger on blonde locks. Poison comes in hot with a true red ‘n fiery look that ALWAYS turns heads. For dark hair, it shows up as a deep subtle tint, but for hair levels 8 or lighter, you’ll get that vibrant red hot look!  Cosmic Sunshine is knocking it out of the park right now with the cheeriest hue to match this fall’s palette. You can even mix in some Frosé for a sweet golden shade.

    But ultimately…you do you: match with your favorite fall makeup look, your coziest scarf, your nails, or even go for a complementing color to pop against your new bomber jacket. Choose your own color adventure, and AF will take care of your hair while you simply shine.

    Warm hair color looks we are loving this fall

    Looking for some more color inspo? Have a look here for some ideas on how to fall into a warm hair color vibe. in Sunset Orange and Electric Paradise

    @alixstrothershair in Violet Dream, Virgin Pink, and Purple AF

    @neg4tive_creep in Electric Paradise, Sunset Orange, and Violet Dream

    @lyn_bax in Ginger Flare, Cosmic Sunshine, and Space Cowgirl

    We want to see what you choose!

    Whether you rock the reds with Wrath or go vivacious in Virgin Pink, go warm, and share your fall weather hair change journey with the Fox Fam! Tag @arcticfoxhaircolor because we love watching y’all redecorate our world.

    *Greece has a three-item limit due to customs restrictions* close