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    Holiday Hair: Mixes, Colors, and Color Placements for a Stunning Seasonal Look

    Holiday Hair: Mixes, Colors, and Color Placements for a Stunning Seasonal Look

    @Hairwaytoheavennn in Poison and Phantom Green

    1. Winter Wonderland Blues ❄️☃️ and Holiday Greens 🎄 for Your Hair

    Embrace the winter wonderland with our rich blues like Poseidon and jewel-toned greens like Phantom Green. Create a mesmerizing teal by mixing Poseidon and Aquamarine, perfect for capturing the essence of the season. Consider balayage or ombre techniques using different shades of blues turning your locks into a captivating icy landscape, or create dimension with a green color melt, Iris Green melted into Phantom Green with some red hair accessories!? It’s giving Christmas tree🎄. If you want to really make a statement, try mixing some Space Cowgirl with a little Ginger Flare to get the perfect ‘Grinch’ Green. If you want to keep your signature blue but make it more festive, try styling your hair with holiday accessories, like @xomerlissa does here:

    @xomerlissa’s styles are always a sleigh! 🛷

    @Sighmmaya used Periwinkle and Poseidon for this wintery balayage

    2. Ice Queen Blonde Mix: Achieve Frosty Royalty  👑

    Channel your inner ice queen ❄️👸 with a frosty blonde mix. Lighten your hair with Bleach, Please - which is perfect for a wintery blonde on its own - or add a dab of Periwinkle after you’ve rinsed your bleach to tone it to be the perfect icy-toned blonde. This ethereal shade is perfect for those who want to stand out while embracing the winter chill 🥶.

    3. Radiant Reds: Ignite the Night with Fire Hair 🔥 

    Make a bold statement with radiant reds, capturing the warmth of the holiday season. Our Poison and Wrath shades are ideal for a fiery, festive look, no custom mixing required. Experiment with placement techniques like highlights or peekaboos, adding a touch of drama to your holiday hairstyle. I love a Ginger Flare and Violet Dream blend for the perfect cranberry hair color that looks great on multiple hair levels. It's the perfect way to have festive hair without needing to bleach.


    If you want to take it one step further, a spicy split dye with a custom ginger mix with Ginger Flare and a drop of Purple AF on one side, and the other side dyed with Phantom Green. The ultimate holiday mix! Two-toned hair is one of my favorite ways to stand out, especially something as bold as a green and red hair combo.

    @Hairwaytoheavennn used Poison and Phantom Green for this two-toned Christmas look.

    4. Sterling Winter Magic: A Metallic Touch for Winter Hair ❄️☃️

    Sterling silver isn't just for jewelry; it's also a stunning hair color choice for winter. Showcase the versatility of Sterling with different color placements. Whether it's an all-over silver hue, strategically placed highlights, or a custom silver mix, Sterling adds a touch of elegance to almost any winter look. Mix 50/50 Sterling and Periwinkle for a stormy winter’s night vibe 🌨️. 

    Equal parts Sterling and Periwinkle

    Or if you think you might be on the naughty list, Blue Jean Baby and Sterling creates a smokey-toned dark blue, making your hair resemble the coal you’ll be getting in your stocking this year.

    Base of Sterling with Blue Jean Baby

    5. Foxology Finishes: Polishing Your Festive Look 💅🎅🎁🕎

    Let's talk about the finishing touches that can take your holiday look from ‘deck the halls’ to completely decked out! Our Foxology line offers a range of polishes that add the perfect finishing touch. Highlight your icy blonde with Snowflake it til you Make It or add a pop of color to your red locks with Crimson Claus. Or, be especially bold and do a holiday nail design like Sigourney Nuñez did with this adorable holiday wrapping-paper inspired look:


    Sigourney used: 

    Goldie Fox

    ☃️Foxy the Snowman

    🎄Perfectly Pine

    🎅🏽Crimson Claus 

    💚Phantom Green

    To create these holiday plaid nails!

    Foxology’s Polish line is honestly the best nail polish I have ever used. When I am feeling fancy and want a more elegant design, I will take it with me when I get my nails professionally done - because it lasts SO much longer than most nail polish AND truly doesn’t chip (plus it’s free of 15 common harsh chemicals and vegan, which most professional polish is not!). It’s also a quick-drying polish, unlike other traditional nail polish. If you are anything like me, I always ruin at least one nail every time I am waiting for my nails to fully dry (why does it take forever!?!), but never with Foxology! The brushes are also designed in a way that I can actually paint my nails at home and not get polish on my fingers. I was so excited for this collection to launch and it did not disappoint. I dare you to really stand out this season with a holiday-look, head to toe!

    This holiday season, let your hair steal the spotlight. With Arctic Fox Hair Color's bold and vibrant shades, you can start your own holiday hair trends, and with our Foxology Holiday Collection, you can complete your look to really embrace the season. Spread holiday cheer and stand out with Arctic Fox! 🦊

    Arctic Fox Gifting Guide: Zodiac Edition

    The holidays are upon us (where TF did this year go!?) and the stars have aligned to bring you a gift guide ruled by the Zodiac elements for that special someone in your life. So let’s get started with the gifting magic shall we? 

    Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

    Air signs are the thinkers and doers of the zodiac, with their intellectuality and curiosity being the driving force in how they move through the world. Their live and let live mentality allows them to breeze through life, rarely stopping to catch a breath. They analyze and probe, but easily make decisions, because they’re just THAT smart. Sound like anyone you know?

    Air signs are synonymous with freedom, and bringing a breath of fresh air to our world. People under an air sign are adventurous, curious, and ever-changing (much like our hair). This personality can make them somewhat difficult to pin down and to peg exactly what gifts they’d enjoy.  So we have a few ideas to help you out!

    Arctic Mist Diluter is designed to swish with other colors and create unique mixes, and pastel shades. These lighter, customized looks match well with air signs and appeal to their outgoing personality, and ever changing nature. 

    @salinesimon in Arctic Mist Diluter and Aquamarine 

    While air can seem elusive or confusing for some others under a different elemental star sign, they are very interested in other people and naturally analytical. The air element can sometimes be an overthinker, taking a while to ponder their next move. For that reason, people and products that ground them back into the present moment are great for air zodiac signs. 

    Resurrected Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for the Gemini, Libra or Aquarius in your life. Air zodiac signs tend to be intellectual (many air signs are lawyers, doctors, writers, speakers, or scientists) and their minds can get a little busy. Treat them to a touch of pampering and down time with the Resurrected duo. She will help them nourish their hair and maybe even switch off that deep thinking mode for a while. 

    If you want to treat an air sign with something that will appeal to their more adventurous side,  Celestial Shimmer is an electric member of Foxology’s latest Holiday Glitter Nail Polish drop! This eye-catching blue glitter brings seasonal shine and more than a hint of the stars - perfect to be the center stage at allll the holiday parties! 

    Fire - Aries, Sagittarius, Leo 

    Fire signs are KNOWN for their passion. They’re creative, and playful, with an abundance of energy and charm. Fire signs tend to be performers or creators, passionate explorers, with an adventurous spirit.


    Arguably the most perfect gift for that passionate fire sign in your life is Crimson Claus, a delightful crimson red shade for those who are not sure they made the nice list this year. But hey, it was a good time wasn’t it!?

    Fire signs are known to be pretty fiery; (ironic we know!) sometimes they deliver a chaotic, disruptive energy due to excitement and passion, because well, fire signs are always in doing mode. They are trendsetters often leading the way and breaking new ground. They are confident and there is very little in life that they don’t feel they are equipped to take on.  

    Fire signs will be well matched to Poison, our most fiery red tone that mirrors their personality. This shade will exude that confident, center-stage persona that belongs to Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo zodiac signs. 

    @not_reagan in Poison

    If there’s one word that comes to mind when we think of fire signs, it’s VOLUME. Pump up that hair with Vacay Volumizing Shampoo, and make any hairdo end in…WOW. 

    Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

    Helloooo, practical and grounded queens!

    Earth signs are known to be creators, and organizers with a loyal nature. Their artistic flair makes them innovative in their personal and professional lives. Rooted and grounded energy permeates the auras of earth signs, and they generally take on life with a practical approach and take time before making big decisions. Do you feel that calming energy already? 

    Earth signs love anything tasteful and classy. Mix that in with self-care and you’ve got a winning gift on your hand! Our Stony Path Gel Nail Kit combines all of the above in a simplistic, yet classy design - that mix of gray and silver is enough to make an earth sign say yes, please!  

    We can’t do our earth signs justice without highlighting a rich green that just GIVES earth, goddess energy. Phantom Green is THE shade for earth baddies, and you can pick the matching nail polish to fully embody the look! 

    @aambriaa in Phantom Green

    @jadetoblack in Phantom Green and Frosé

    Earth signs are good at caring for themselves and their loved ones. This caring nature can even extend to their homes or objects they care about. Earth signs will go to war for the people and things they care about most.

    Lean into the protective, nurturing nature of the earth sign personality with the OG Hair Perfume and UV Protectant. This product keeps locks hydrated and protected from UV, because you KNOW our earth signs are spending all the time they can in the outdoors. Combined with that luscious grape scent? It’s the perfect stocking stuffer. 

    Water - Pisces Scorpio, Cancer

    Water signs are intuitive, emotional, sensitive, and sentimental. So yes, they love all the extra love they can get! 

    Water signs have an elite ability to sense the world around them, and understand feelings and emotions of themselves and others. They tend to absorb the environment and emotions around them like a sponge, so having the right circle is important to them. This zodiac group needs clarity in their mind, body, and spirit.  

    When you’re thinking of the water sign in your life, a gesture of nurturing self-care will go a long way! Throw in Pool Party, our foaming hair mask with allll the yummy nutrients for a spa day you can squeeze in before a shower or long, relaxing bath. 

    Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer signs are also capable of transformation in order to reach their potential, with more focus on building a fulfilling life than awards or material things. 

    If you want to gift your loved one with a new look to aid their outward transformation, Blue Odyssey is a navy blue, and steel blue marbleized nail kit that can perfectly fit the spiritual and intuitive sense of a water sign, allowing them to transform their look with ease. 

    Because of those heavy feels, water signs can be cautious at times, and tend to seek comfort in life, but this doesn’t stop them looking for depth and emotional fulfillment by any means! 

    The color that best channels this feel-y energy is Aquamarine! The gorgeous blue with teal undertones that brings the watery element to life and channels intuitive, imaginative, and free energy. Take it to another level with Aquamarine’s matching nail polish and omg, you know that’s a winning combo.

    @rike.m in Aquamarine

    @jadetoblack in Aquamarine and Blue Jean Baby 

    Whether you’re treating yourself or your loved ones to our Zodiac picks this year, we can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you’re testing out a new color, or a special nail look, tag us at @arcticfoxhaircolor on Instagram - you know we LIVE for it. 

    Bonus tip! If you’re a Fox Fam Rewards program member, you can send any of your friends a gift of $5 to use towards their first purchase! You’ll get $10 off your next order with every successful referral. Spread the Fox Fam love, we adore a big fam. 🥰


    How to Design Your Nails using Arctic Fox Vegan Nail Lacquer

    How to Design Your Nails using Arctic Fox Vegan Nail Lacquer

    @nailartbysig in Sunset Orange, Frosé, and Purple AF

    The Fox Fam are already totally head over heels in love with the awesome AF hair color range. But hold up, there’s more?! Yup. 

    NEED more of THOSE bright colors? Sure you do. Want even more intricate shades, patterns, and prints, but this time for your nails? Well, duh! 

    That’s why we’ve been mixing up some of our most popular shades into the Foxology collection of nail lacquers with all the bold AF colors you know. Sprinkle in patterns and prints and your nails can become a canvas with unlimited possibilities; you can paint almost anything your mind can imagine. 

    Before you unleash your nail art work worthy of the Louvre, we need to do a little basic prep, but don’t worry we’ve made it simple to follow, even for Nail Art novices. 

    Nail Art: The Basics 

    Start With a Clean, Dry Base 

    Just like when dyeing your hair, you’ll want to always start off your nail art with clean, dry nails. 

    Visionaries like us (tongue slightly in cheek) need a clean slate to work with. Start by scrubbing away any old polish to reveal your blank canvas. But it’s not quite time to dip the brush into the paint yet.

    First up, cleanse the nail bed to make sure your nails are clean underneath too, because this will not only give you healthier nails, but also a better overall look once you add your custom nail art. We always use lukewarm water to soak and clean under nails to reduce the drying impact on the skin and prevent aging (it’s totally preferable to scorching your skin in molten hot water). We’re always looking out for you, Fox.

    Now, you might want to trim and file your nails BEFORE painting to get them in tip-top shape for your design. Since you're creating nail art, try not to cut them too short -  you might need that extra real estate to work with for your exquisite patterns. 

    Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon have a perfect clean surface to add a base coat before you add polish!

    Use a Base Coat 

    You’ll want to set up the right foundations for your inner Picasso with a base coat. Apply one layer of base coat and allow it to completely dry before moving forward. *Waits impatiently* *Twiddles thumbs* 

    Base coats are usually clear or slightly bluish in color and protect your nails from getting stained or damaged by nail polish and other nail art materials. The long story short is, your base coat will help the polish stay in place longer, without chipping the design, so it’s kind of a must have if you want your dazzling nail display to last. 

    We have a fab base coat with all the juicy and healthy vitamins you nails need to thrive in our Foxology line up. It sets things up perfectly, ready for your masterpieces. (Muse entirely optional). 

    Intricate Designs 

    For intricate designs, make sure your base layer is fully dry and has enough coats (2- 3 usually works) this will make your design easier to realize and it will last MUCH longer. 

    Fox Pro Tip: Plan out your design! It’s easy to get carried away and jump right into painting, but.... planning the execution of intricate designs before-hand and knowing what you want to create step-by-step usually results in something more beautiful and refined. 

    Here’s another couple of pointers for your application technique. 


    If you’re going for an ombre effect, use a sponge. Apply the polish with the sponge from the tip of the nail downwards with a tapping or pressing motion. 

    With the first coat decide where the ombre line will finish. Use a clean side of the sponge to dab and fade out the finishing line. Finally, apply a second coat over the top section of the nail and gently fade it out to blend in with the previous coat and achieve the ombre pattern to faded perfection. 

    Need a little more ombre inspo? Try out Sunset Orange and Cosmic Sunshine for an ombre that’s prettier than a sunset. Or completely switch temperatures and blend Periwinkle into Sheer Nude for a cool blue and white winter ombre tone. 


    To shape intricate designs on your nails with patterns use a much smaller pointed brush to have greater control over the lines and artwork you create. You are working in a small space so it makes sense to use a smaller tool, right!? 

    For bonafide proof this works, check out how @nailartbysig created this awesome blood drip effect design ready for Halloween with Foxology shades and a fine brush. It’s the inspo you need! 



    And there’s more. @nailartbysig has been maxing out the potential of the Foxology collection with some delicious color and pattern combos. 

    Going as a “Pink Lady” with your crew this Halloween? This powerful pink mix of Frose and Virgin Pink has us calling our squad immediately. With a unique pattern on each nail this look has some added complexity that we find completely satisfying. 

    @nailartbysig in Frosé and Virgin Pink

    Next up, let’s take a look at this perfect autumnal blend. Purples, oranges, and a frosted pink help set up an impressive display for your digits. This design is anything but uniform, with block colors contrasted with a small circle dot on each nail. There’s even room for a seasonal ghost wearing a witches hat for Halloween. Loving your work! 

    @nailartbysig in Sunset OrangeFrosé, and Purple AF

    Blue Jean Baby with a single stand out leopard print pattern is the flawless go to design when you want to unleash your Queen of the jungle phase.

    @jadetoblack in Aquamarine and Blue Jean Baby

    Want to add a little pop to your prints? Try this kaleidoscopic design from @jadetoblack in Aquamarine, Phantom Green, Cosmic Sunshine, Poison, and Virgin Pink to add complexity and contrast. 

    @jadetoblack in Aquamarine, Phantom GreenCosmic SunshinePoison, and Virgin Pink

    Finally, why not try making waves and your friends green with envy via this Phantom Green and Frosé combo.  Block forest green colors are contrasted with a single digit in Frosé with a wavy Phantom Green line pattern. 

    @jadetoblack in Phantom Green and Frosé

    Want to inspire someone else with your artistic flair? Paint a colorful picture for the rest of the Fox Fam by tagging us @arcticfoxhaircolor. 

    Latest Foxology Launch: Desert Road Trip Collection

    Latest Foxology Launch: Desert Road Trip Collection

    You know we’ve got Something for Everyone and manis that can rock any weekend plans in our What’s Your Weekend? Collection. We’re so excited to take you on a little road trip through the desert with down-to-earth neutrals, vibrant patterns, and playful prints, in our NEWEST Foxology Gel Nail Kit Collection, Desert Road Trip! This collection truly has every desert vibe you could dream of - from festival-ready manis no matter your music taste, to the classic neutrals we can’t live without, and bold colors designed into eye-catching patterns, we packed it all into Desert Road Trip, to truly let our Foxes run wild and express their style. 

    This electrifying set is sure to keep all eyes on you! Play with vibrant patterns and bold accent nails in Checker Out’s design that’s festival ready AF.  

    Talk about a set that brings the heat! Sunset Waves gives a classic retro flair drenched in two shades of bold orange. Pair with Sunset Orange and you’ll be glowing from head to hand! 

    Let’s get groovy, baby! With checker prints, wavy yin-yangs, and winning smiley faces, Blues Grooves is guaranteed to rid your blues on any day and keep your nails lookin’ cool as ever.

    Unleash your inner artist with this splatter paint design in neutrals that never go out of style. Blitz White is the perfect combo of expressive and bold, yet natural and subdued - a staple that’s anything but boring!

    Yee-haw! Pinkerchief embodies the bandana trend with fresh florals and a delicate paisley design in a vibrant pink. We just know you’ll be obsessed AF! 

    And that’s just the tip of the eye-catching prints and classic colors we’ve packed into our latest Gel Nail Kit drop. Browse the full Desert Road Trip Collection and fill your summer with manis that will ALWAYS take the center stage and keep you feeling bright n’ bold as ever. 

    How to Make Your Mani Last Longer

    How to Make Your Mani Last Longer

    Spending time doing your nails can be a great way to practice self-care, but how can you enjoy the fruits of your labor for longer? We’ve rounded up our favorite tips on how to prolong your mani.

    Nail Prep

    The key to a good, long-lasting manicure is the proper prep.

    Use An Orange Wood Stick Or Cuticle Pusher To Push Back Your Cuticles

    Pushing back your cuticles will help the nail polish adhere to only the nail plate. This will prevent lifting and peeling in the cuticle area.

    Gently Buff The Shine From The Nail Plate

    Much like sanding before painting wood, gently buffing the shine from your nails with a fine grit buffing block or nail file will provide a grippier surface for the polish to stick to. Be careful though! A light hand is best as over-buffing can remove too many layers and damage your nail.

    Remove Natural Oils

    Use nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol or a nail dehydrator to remove any natural oils from your nail plate. This will help the nail polish to stick better and prevent peeling and chipping.


    During the manicure there’s a handful of things you can do that will prolong your mani.

    Use A Good Base Coat

    A good base coat will provide a sticky layer, like paint primer, for the nail polish to stick to. Try our Foxology Base Coat  that will set the stage for a polish that lasts and is formulated to work with our Foxology Nail Polish.

    Apply Polish In Thin Layers

    Apply your nail polish in thin coats in order for your nails to dry more thoroughly. A quick drying polish like Foxology Nail Polish can help speed up the process. Using multiple thinner coats also gives you more control over the polish and will help prevent flooding your nails and cuticles. Nail polish should only be applied to the nail plate in order to prevent peeling and lifting. 

    Use A Good Top Coat

    A good top coat, like our Foxology Top Coat, prevents chipping and protects the nail. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Aloe and Biotic to provide strength and hydration to the nail plate.

    Apply All Layers of Polish On the Free Edge 

    The free edge of your nail is the edge of the nail that extends past your finger. This area gets a lot of wear so protecting it will extend the life of your mani.


    Allow Nails to Fully Cure

    Your nails may appear to be dry to the touch, but they are not fully cured underneath. Avoid soaking in water or other activities that are hard on your hands for 1-2 hours until fully cured.


    After following the above steps, there are a few things you can do after your manicure to help it last as long as possible.

    Avoid Soaking Your Hands in Water or Using Harsh Chemicals

    Soaking your nails can allow water to seep under the layers of polish and damage your manicure. When cleaning, harsh chemicals and repeated water exposure can also break down the polish. Wearing cleaning gloves when cleaning can help!

    Reapply Top Coat

    Your top coat can wear down over time with everyday use. Reapplying every few days can add extra protection and shine to your mani. Be sure to thoroughly clean the nail before reapplying your top coat.

    Keep Your Nails Moisturized

    Apply cuticle oil daily to keep your nails moisturized and prevent breakage and cracking.

    Avoid Biting or Picking Your Nails

    Biting or picking at your nails can chip your polish and damage your nails. Avoid doing this, if possible

    *Greece has a three-item limit due to customs restrictions* close