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    Introducing Pastel Hour: Arctic Fox’s Latest Pastel Semi-Permanent Hair Color Collection

    Introducing Pastel Hour: Arctic Fox’s Latest Pastel Semi-Permanent Hair Color Collection

    Pastel Hour: Spill the Tea

    Just in time for spring, festival season, and everything light and bright - Pastel Hour is here! The brand new Arctic Fox collection consists of four pastel semi-permanent hair colors, three completely new shades and one you know and love. These sweet hues are an absolute dream to stare at and play with. Take a bite into Cotton Candy Dreams, a highly sought after light blue, the most coveted color this year peach in Peach Prosecco, the softest green in Pistachio Macaron, and our beloved baby pink in Frosé. Let’s dive right into pastel tea time, shall we? 

    Hair Levels for Pastel

    First things first, you know we’ll never lead you astray, Fox Fam. Before we dish the deets on these new pastel all-stars, let’s squash the hair level question once and for all. Yes, you WILL need platinum hair for these lovely pastels to shine the way they’re meant to. If you need some help getting there, our Bleach, Please at-home lightening kit will absolutely lighten up those strands! And of course, we here to guide you through the process of lightening your hair at home. If your hair is already light but has a bright ‘n bold color all over it, you’ll want to use a color remover to make sure you have a clean and even canvas to apply your pastel dream. 

    Cotton Candy Dreams 

    Cotton Candy Dreams hair color was requested by none other than YOU! Our Fox Fam has been BEGGING for this color, and she’s finally here. This shade of pastel blue is a delicious combination of a smooth, buttery blue, with a strong neon tone. On level 10 bases, you’ll enjoy the full softness, while darker shades will see a subdued and muted tone. Either way, the pastel blue of your dreams is HERE and you can treat your heart out. 

    Peach Prosecco

    Since the Color of the Year was announced, we’ve been mixing and mixing to get the perfect shade of peach and we bottled it up in Peach Prosecco! No mixing cocktails needed here! This peach pastel combines soft orange with sugar pink for a blend that is TRULY the perfect peach. And with peach blonde taking over 2024, what better time to indulge than now? Platinum babes can pour up Peach Prosecco hair dye and enjoy the full effect while darker bases - well, you’ll need a few lightening sessions to get there. 

    Pistachio Macaron 

    Would any pastel collection be complete without the perfectly soft mint green? Pistachio Macaron hair dye is a soft, muted mint with tones slightly warmer than our tried and true favorite, Neverland. Indulge fully in this pastel green on a level 10+ base. These tones will make you feel like a true fairy, perfect for spring hair, and festival season looks. 


    Does she need an introduction? You know her as the star of baby pink hair and the perfect soft pink pastel. We gave her a little makeover and put her in a new bottle to star in the Pastel Hour, but she’s the same formula you love to pour up and enjoy. Level 10+ bases enjoy the full effect of soft baby pink, while darker bases will see a tone that is closer to rose gold. 

    Post Pastel Maintenance 

    We know you’re dyeing to try these new shades, but before you dive in, we have a little more tea to spill! Pastels can be a little fickle (shhh, don’t tell them we said that! 🤫), so to keep the dream alive, you’ll need to refresh consistently. You can grab an extra bottle to mix in with conditioner in the shower for frequent touch ups, or you can go darker by grabbing a similar, darker shade (think a darker version of the color you’re dreaming of), and add a few drops into your conditioner as well for a bit of a darker hue. 


    Don’t forget to tag us @arcticfoxhaircolor in your new pastel hair, we can’t wait to see you slay! 😍

    Color Spotlight: Frosé Hair Dye

    Color Spotlight: Frosé Hair Dye

    Baby pink hair has been a trendsetter for as long as we can remember, if you’ve been looking for a true pastel pink, we got it on tap! Our baby pink pastel hair dye, Frosé is the sweetest hue! Her soft, true pink tones are perfect for dipping your toe into the world of vivids with a non-committal pink that’ll still turn heads. 

    Frosé is much more of a true pink compared to some of our other pink tones. If you’ve worked with diluted Virgin Pink or Electric Paradise, you know that these colors have a slight  magenta/fuchsia and coral/peachy undertone respectively. But Frosé is right in the middle of the spectrum between the two, and doesn’t lean too strongly into either the cool or warm range! She looks stunning on warm AND neutral undertones, and eases any lucky head of hair into the world of color with stunning hues that make you want to pour her up as much as you can. 

    Coloring with Frosé

    Everyone wants to go pastel - especially baby pink pastel. But getting there can be slightly trickier than it seems! When it comes to Frosé (and any pastel) your base is everything, and we mean EVERYTHING. You MUST start with a clean, platinum base for the true baby pink you’re looking for and any other base color will yield different results, or not results at all. If you have had a brighter color and are looking to transition to Frosé, you’ll need to completely remove your color with a color remover and make sure your base is clean before splashing on Frosé and expecting the baby pink of your dreams. That being said, Frosé is a true pink and if you’re ready for the upkeep, you can enjoy the dreamiest pink head of hair as long as you’d like! 

    Level Up: Frosé on Different Hair Levels

    Frosé is the baby pink stunner in our pastel lineup, so you’ll need a platinum base to get the full effect! On a level 8 blonde, Frosé hair dye will give a dusty rose, while level 7 blondes will see a darker, smokier rose - both are stunning. If you want a barely-there pastel and are searching for just a hint of pink, start with level 10 platinum hair and dilute with Arctic Mist Diluter as needed. Don’t forget to do a trusted strand test so you can be sure that your hair is at the level needed for that perfect baby pink. 👑

    Get Faded: How Frosé Fades

    Since Frosé is a pastel stunner, consistent maintenance and upkeep is a must to keep that baby pink hue look its best. This hair dye tends to fade quicker than some of our other vivids, which is very common when it comes to pastel hair dye. You’ll want to keep a bottle on hand for frequent touch ups, and make sure your base color is a level 10 for best results. Luckily, our DIY friendly formula makes it easier than ever to add color to your conditioner, or do a quick touch up session in the comfort of your own home! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quick pink blush to those locks that’ll fade out beautifully - Frosé is your girl.

    Frosé Mixology: Customizing the Baby Pink Pastel

    Like our entire semi-permanent hair dye lineup, Frosé is easy to customize and can make a STUNNING mix with other pinks, and almost any other AF hair color! Since Frosé is a pastel hair dye and is naturally lighter than our other pinks, she makes an excellent addition to custom mixes, but keep in mind that if you’re looking for the true baby pink, she shines on her own. Let’s dive into some custom mixes with our fav pink pastel! 

    Barbie Dreamhouse

    Frosé and Electric Paradise

    Start with a level 10 base and mix up a 50/50 ratio of Frosé hair dye and Electric Paradise hair dye! Electric Paradise is UV reactive, so this mix will have a slight tint of her glowing properties, but not too overpowering. It’s the pink of our collective Barbie DREAMS. 

    Rusty Pink

    Frosé and Poison

    This one’s a head turner! This mix needs a platinum base. Start with two parts Frosé hair dye to one part Poison hair dye and you get this bright, coral, rusted pink. She’s unique enough to turn heads, but also falls perfectly in the range of the peachy pink that’s totally taking over 2024. 

    Hot, HOT Pink

    Frosé and Virgin Pink

    Virgin Pink hair dye is at the top of the charts year after year, and when you add Frosé into the mix you get this vibrant hot pink that will breathe energy into your strands. On a level 10 base, go for a 50/50 ratio of Virgin Pink and Frosé, and whew! This mix is definitely one for our bold babes, but you’ll want to pour it on a light base to get the true, HOT pink! 

    Bubblegum Pink

    Frosé and Wrath

    We can just hear the bubblegum pop when we look at this mix. Sassy, flirty, and the life of the party, bring this mix to life on a level 10 base with two parts Frosé hair dye to one part Wrath hair dye. Who knew our red stunner with our baby pink pastel could create such an electrifying mix!?

    Mauvelous Rose

    Frosé and Ritual

    Smoky, lustrous, and magical. Sounds about right? On level 10 hair, start with a base of Frosé hair color then add just a drop of Ritual hair dye (or more if needed). Don’t forget to strand test before you woo anyone and everyone with that magical head of hair!

    Frosé on You

    We LOVE seeing our Fox Fam proudly rock their colors, and Frosé is no exception! 

    @peachy.rosie in Frosé

    @maggiejoachim in Frosé over a bleached base pictured with lighting from a sunset lamp. 

    @msnataliejean in Virgin Pink and Frosé

    @lolitadiamond in Frosé, Electric Paradise, and Virgin Pink 

    @itsmobiatch in Frosé

    Pour up, drink responsibly, and don’t forget to tag us @arcticfoxhaircolor in your new looks! 🥂

    Mixing AF Semi-Permanent Hair Dye - Our Most Underrated Mixes

    Mixing AF Semi-Permanent Hair Dye - Our Most Underrated Mixes

    The best part about using AF semi-permanent hair dye? The absolutely ENDLESS customizability of our colors. ✨ You can create your own custom mixes and unleash your inner artist on your hair with just about any hair dye color combo you can dream of. 

    Let's dive into the realm of dynamic duos, perfect pairings, and all things Arctic Fox that effortlessly blend together - like peanut butter and jelly or your favorite color combo! Our Fox Fam would argue that mixing Arctic Fox hair dye is an art form. You can easily create a unique blend of color right from the comfort of your home. Our DIY formula is perfect for anyone wanting to experiment. Here are some of our most underrated color combinations you didn’t know you needed in your life!

    Dusty Rose Gold 

    Frosé and Space Cowgirl

    Let’s get dreamy with it! Frosé hair dye and Space Cowgirl hair dye create an unexpected color combo that GIVES springtime dream for our pastel lovers out there. Get out your AF mixing bowls and brushes and pour in a ratio of 70% Frose to 30% Space Cowgirl to get this lustrous color combo! It’s important that Frose hair dye a majority of this mix to nail the color on pre-lightened hair. 

    Brunette Bombshell

    Ginger Flare + Transylvania

    Our foxes are always asking for natural colors - and we have great news, you can totally create your own natural color mix at home! If you’re ready for a drastic transition from neon to natural, start with a base of Ginger Flare hair dye and add a few drops of Transylvania hair dye. To achieve that gorgeous reddish-brown, you’re going to need 80% Ginger Flare with 20% Transylvania ratio. This mix is shown on level 10 hair, so be sure to do a strand test before you try this beautiful brown hue to see how it will show up on your current hair level. 

    The Witch

    Girls Night and Transylvania

    This purple haze is guaranteed to put a spell on anyone.  👀 Give a smoky hue to Arctic Fox’s Girls Night hair dye by adding a few drops of Transylvania hair dye. You’ll want a ratio of 80% Girls Night and 20% Transylvania for this dreamy purple shade. This mix is shown on a level 10 base, so make sure you’re there or lighten up with Bleach, Please. A tiny may take to darker bases (no guarantees) but be sure to do a strand test to see how it looks on your locks!

    Peach Princess

    Arctic Mist Diluter, Girls Night, and Poison

    You’ll never guess what AF hair dyes make up this rustic shade! Start with 75% Arctic Mist Diluter, then add in 20% Girls Night hair dye, and finish off with 5% Poison hair dye. As always with lighter shades, you’ll need to start with a base level 10 hair for the mix to show up as pictured! This peachy perfect mix will turn heads throughout festival season, you’ll be dyeing to keep it all summer long.  Give it a go next time you want to spice up your look, and tag us so we can see! 

    Rich B*tch

    Ritual and Sterling

    Show off your expensive a** taste with this delicious berry shade that looks good enough to eat! Go halfsies with a mix of Ritual hair dye and Sterling hair dye to get this smokey berry color. This is perfect for wanting to turn things up a notch and opt for a more natural looking shade while still exploring purple hues! The mix pictured is on a level 10 base, so go with a strand test to see how it shows up on you.

    Creative Hair Dye Color Placements 

    Split Dyes

    Ritual and Arctic Mist Diluter + Sterling and Electric Paradise

    Talk about a perfect pairing! This stunning split dye is a mix of 50% Ritual hair dye and 50% Arctic Mist Diluter on one side with Sterling hair dye and Electric Paradise hair dye mixed together for the other. If you’re looking for a trendy but daring color combo for Vday (or year ‘round), this color placement should definitely be next up on your list. Oh, and the adorable puppy, you ask? We partner with rescues like Pup Culture to prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare! If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can apply to adopt the adorable doggos they rescue. Visit @pupculturerescue on Instagram where they post their pups weekly! 

    Dreamy Color Melt

    Girls Night and Periwinkle

    If a split dye isn’t calling your name but you still want to show off two colors at once, a color melt is your move! A color melt is simply starting with one color on the top part of your hair that quite literally melts beautifully as it meets with another color towards the bottom half of your hair! This stunning color melt is Girls Night hair dye and Periwinkle hair dye - and OMG it’s a literal dream. Girls Night and Periwinkle are on the lighter end of our vivid hair dyes, so you absolutely need to start with level 9 hair or lighter! Use our Bleach, Please hair lightening kit to get your hair to the desired level if you need, and always always do a strand test.


    Virgin and Poison

    Looking to mix it up even more? 👀 Check out halo hair, it’s literally everywhere right now! A halo color placement is one color on your first layer of hair, and a different color on the layers beneath it. It gives a gorgeous peekaboo effect and the styling options are truly endless! This fiery look from @alexajdmakeup was made using Virgin Pink hair dye and Poison hair dye. We love this color combo, especially during the month of February when red and pink hues reign supreme. Lucky for you AF shades are made for creating these daring looks at home! Virgin Pink hair color is a vibrant hot pink and will appear as a magenta tint on brown hair, its most vibrant form comes with pre-lightened hair. Poison hair color has a slight orange undertone that will prevent it from fading to a pink. Poison will give a dark, subtle tint to darker tones of hair but will turn out most vibrantly on hair that is pre-lightened to around a level 8. Give it a go the next time you’re feeling spicy!

    Now that you’re a pro at color combos make sure you tag us on IG @arcticfoxhaircolor if you try out any of these mixes or split dyes. We love to see you explore your inner hairstylist with our DIY friendly hair dye colors!

    The Biggest Hair Color Trends of 2024

    The Biggest Hair Color Trends of 2024

    @marijantunez in Wrath 

    New year, new me is a cliché that rings true every year. If you found yourself itching for a glow up the second the clock turned midnight, you’re not the only one! Certain hair color trends are still on the rise, while newer hues are catching our eye. Let’s dive into what’s trending in 2024 and how you can make them trendy AF with Arctic Fox hair color and custom hair dye mixes! 

    Hair Color Trends for 2024 

    Trend: Peach Blonde 

    Peach blonde is expected to heat up this year, which is no surprise considering Peach Fuzz was announced by Pantone as 2024’s Color of the Year. Similar to the muted tones of Strawberry Blonde, Peach Blonde mimics that subtlety in a soft pastel peach tone -  like a peach sorbet! It’s close enough to a red-toned blonde, but still has a beautiful orange hue that softens up the shade just slightly. 

    Trendy AF: Peach Sorbet 

    This custom mix is a fun, vivid spin on the peach blonde trend, with a bit more pink! Because of the soft hue, you’ll need a minimum level 10 hair. Start with a base of Arctic Mist Diluter, and add in a few drops of Virgin Pink and Neon Moon. Remember, a base of color (or diluter) depends on the length and thickness of your hair! Your base should be determined by the amount of product you’ll need  to cover your hair and mix in the rest of the hair dye according to the ratios specific in the mix recipe! As you mix your peach blonde hair color together, the portion of Virgin Pink and Neon Moon should be equal drops! Add more Virgin Pink to lean more pink, or Neon Moon to lean more yellow - whatever your heart desires! It’s giving peach sorbet on a summer day. 🤤

    Trendy AF: Orange Creamsicle

    For most of our mixes, you’ll need to start off with a minimum level 10 to achieve the desired swatch, especially this creamy orange! Results may vary depending on hair level and overall hair health. If you’re looking to lean towards a softer orange, diluting Arctic Fox’s Sunset Orange hair dye will get you there. Use our Arctic Mist Diluter and just keep on adding until you reach your desired shade! 

    Trendy AF: Burnt Peach


    We are obsessed with this burnt peach perfection. It feels like it falls right in between the pink and orange portion of the peach spectrum and we think you’ll rock it no matter the season. On Level 8 hair or lighter, start out with Cosmic Sunshine hair dye, add a dollop of Frosé hair dye, plus a few drops of Sunset Orange and violá! 

    Trend: Violet Hair

    Purple hair is always in, that’s why Purple AF is at the top of the charts year after year! In 2024, we’re going to be seeing A LOT of purple and violet on darker bases, giving a deep purple or Burgundy tone. Perfect for the Foxes who are looking to give bleach a break, this “trend” is just enough to boast a bold color. Just wait until your locks hit in the sunshine….OMG. 

    Trendy AF: Tinted Purple 

    Purple AF will forever be a Fox Fam fave. Painting it over a medium brown or dark brown base for all our dark-haired Foxes will absolutely do the trick! We’re obsessed with the subtle take on this style, highlighting certain areas instead of all her locks. You see what we mean by the sun, right? 

    @violentinside in Purple AF and Transylvania 

    Trendy AF: Lilac Dreams 

    Now for even more experimenting! Any dreamy hue, you’ll need to start on a Level 10 Platinum base (really anything is possible when that’s your starting point!) This cool violet hue came from our very own dreamland and is made up of a bowl of Neverland mixed with 2-3 drops of Violet Dream. This mix stays on the cooler side, but it’s making us want to open our favorite book underneath a lilac tree.  

    Trendy AF: Violet Magic 

    For a smokier take on the violet hair color trend, mix up ⅔ Sterling hair dye with ⅓ Violet Dream hair dye. We can almost hear that witch cauldron bubbling up with this shade. Work your ✨magic✨ fox! 

    Trendy AF: Vivid Violet

    Now for the brightest violet of them all, on Level 10 hair, start with a base of Girls Night hair dye, and add a drop or two of Purple AF depending on how deep you want to take it. This is a HOT take on vivids, but it gives an undeniable twist to the violet hair trend that will stop anyone in their tracks. 🤩

    Trend: Pop Star Red

    If you’ve spent any time scrolling on TikTok (or know someone who has), you’ll know that red was the RAGE all of 2023. We saw celebs like Dua Lipa and Megan Fox take red hair color up a level and it definitely made us stock up on enough bottles to last all of 2024. Lucky for us and all the red dyes we’re staring at, not only is red hot, hot, hot for 2024, but it’s getting even bolder. We’ll be seeing bolder, brighter reds with blue undertones that may just take the center stage over the copper trend we saw everywhere in 2023. 

    Trendy AF: Red Hot Fox 

    We know you love a custom mix, and there’s nothing like combining two of our most popular red hair dyes to really turn up the heat! Mix up equal parts Wrath hair color and Ritual hair color for this take on red hot hair. 

    @cygoesmeow in Wrath and RItual 

    Trendy AF: Revenge Red

    Say what you want about babes with red hair, all we know is they ooze confidence whether it’s their signature shade or their latest look on their revenge tour. A standout stunner will forever be Wrath hair dye solo.🤌 Wrath looks the brightest on Level 7 hair and above, but will add a dark red dimension to hair Levels 6 and lower. She’s one of our most popular shades for first-time dyers and is an excellent choice for those who want to switch it up without taking the plunge into bleach! 

    @marijantunez in Wrath 

    Trend: Cherry Coke Anyone? 

    Rich, red based browns were on the up towards the end of 2023 but they’re continuing to take over in 2024! The Cherry Coke hair color trend is one that undoubtedly turns heads and we’ve got some secret recipes we’re ready to share with you. 

    Trendy AF: More Cherry Than Coke

    Ritual is the secret sauce when it comes to nailing this shade. On Level 7 hair and above, she runs a rich, jewel-toned burgundy, and leaves a vibey velvet tint on hair levels 6 and below.

    For a rich, red spin on that Cherry Coke vibe, mix up equal parts Ritual hair dye and Wrath hair dye and pour it all over a brown base. This hair is sweeter than fine wine, baby! 🍷

    @laurellevictoria in Ritual and Wrath 

    Trendy AF: Berry Babe

    Leaning into a dreamy berry vibe, this 50/50 mix of Violet Dream hair dye and Purple AF hair dye over a faded red base is definitely a winner.  The key here is the base! Starting out with a faded red already brings out the reddish tones from the purple hair dye being used. 

    @atouchofmurphy in Violet Dream and Purple AF over faded red

    Trend: Aquamarine

    Aquamarine is a color that’s predicted to make a MAJOR comeback in 2024 - and luckily we have that exact color in our AF hair dye rainbow! With teal hair on the rise, you’ll want to stock up soon because we know this will be something you’re dyeing for on a whim! Aquamarine shines the brightest on level 10 hair, but our dark-haired foxes can still expect to see a deep teal tint. 

    @adriassight in Aquamarine


    @hadar_kawaii_hair in Aquamarine, Iris Green, and Phantom Green 

    @cozywithsam in Aquamarine 

    I mean…you really can’t go wrong. Our Aquamarine hair dye is all you need to NAIL this trend. 😮‍💨

    Trend: Blue Jean Baby

    It’s no surprise that retro vibes are trending. Nostalgic fashion and beauty trends from the 90s and 2000s have made their way back around and this denim hair color trend is the perfect way to pay tribute. While it may be within the realm of blue hair trends, this one differs from Aquamarine as it skews a bit darker. 

    Blue Jean Baby hair dye is the go-to color to achieve this denim look - the proof is in the name itself! For hair that goes with everything, pour Blue Jean Baby over Level 7 hair or lighter. Even when she fades, she’ll give a smoky hue that feels just as good as those worn in jeans you never want to get rid of. 


    @ariannakenyon in Blue Jean Baby and Aquamarine 

    @x__marylune___x in Blue Jean Baby

    @jeks951_ in Poseidon and Blue Jean Baby 

    Any of these looks calling your name? We can’t wait to see if you try one or all of them this year. And remember, most of our custom mixes start on level 10 hair, so if you’re looking to get to that starting point, we recommend kicking your year off with a little bit of Bleach, Please

    Be sure to tag us on Instagram or Tik Tok @arcticfoxhaircolor so we can see how you take these shades into the New Year and show off! Cheers to a bolder and more colorful 2024. 

    How to Recreate the 2024 Color of the Year with Arctic Fox Hair Dye

    How to Recreate the 2024 Color of the Year with Arctic Fox Hair Dye

    While we say goodbye to another year, one of the most anticipated things about the year ahead is Pantone’s Color of the Year announcement and how it applies to what’s happening around the globe. Did you know Pantone first started their Color of the Year program in 1999? For the last 25 years, the team at Pantone has found a way to visualize the current state of the world through color, something our Fox Fam can really get behind!

    Before we look ahead, we thought it would be fun to look back one last time. We spent all of 2023 celebrating our 10th anniversary, so before moving into the next decade of AF we’re time traveling to see how Pantone encompassed the last 10 years in terms of color and why. SO many of these colors are still some of the Fox Fam’s favorite shades to play with!

    2013 - Emerald, a hue that enhances a sense of well-being further by inspiring insight as well as promoting balance and harmony.

    2014 - Radiant Orchid is still a custom hair dye mix that we love to see and according to Pantone it’s “expressive and exotic blooming with confidence and warmth.” 

    2015 - Marsala became a favorite in the fashion and beauty world because of its versatility being flattering on just about everyone, dramatic and grounding, and just a gorgeous color that enriches our minds, bodies and souls.
    2016 - Rose Quartz and Serenity, a softer take on color as Pantone blended two shades for the first time with colors that “psychologically fulfilled yearning for reassurance and security; a color combination that challenged traditional perceptions of color association” (hello split dye).
    2017 - Greenery, nature’s neutral and symbol of new beginnings. We can never get enough green, honestly. 
    2018 - Ultraviolet, one of our personal favorites as a color that communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future. Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. We know why our Fox Fam makes our deep purples a best seller each year. 
    2019 - Living Coral was an animating and life-affirming color with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. 
    2020 - Classic Blue, a color we all needed at the time to suggest reassurance and our desire for a dependable and stable foundation, imprinted into our psyches as a restful color, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility.  
    2021 - Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, a marriage of two independent colors conveying a message of strength and hopefulness, enduring and uplifting, something we all needed to feel in a post-pandemic world.   
    2022 - Very Peri, a color to help us embrace an altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives. Something that resonates with our Periwinkle lovers.   
    2023 - Viva Magenta, a shade rooted in nature and expressive of a new signal of strength, brave and fearless, promoting joy and optimism, powerful and empowering. We talked about why this was so fitting for our Fox Fam here

    That brings us to 2024…. We say it every year, but it feels like the folks at Pantone are reading our minds, or maybe, we just know what we’re talking about when it comes to color too 😀The 2024 Color of the year is PEACH FUZZ! According to Pantone, “Peach Fuzz is a heartfelt hue bringing a feeling of kindness and tenderness, communicating a message of caring and sharing, community and collaboration. A warm and cozy shade highlighting our desire for togetherness with others or for enjoying a moment of stillness and the feeling of sanctuary.” As a brand who puts our community first, we could not love this more. 

    Peach Fuzz sits between pink and orange on the color spectrum, and we’ve already been dreaming of ways for you to give this a try in 2024. We fully expect this color to be EVERYWHERE in the spring. 

    If you’re looking to nail “Peach Fuzz,” you’ll want Sunset Orange Hair Dye and our Arctic Mist Diluter. If you’re already at a level 10 for your base color, use Arctic Mist Diluter the heck out of Sunset Orange until the color appears as warm and fuzzy as you’d like. Of course, perform a strand test FIRST to be sure you’re peachy keen! 

    Faded Sunset Orange 

    For a more pinky peach hue, take your diluted Sunset Orange and mix her with Frose or Electric Paradise Hair Color, depending on how pink you want to take your peach. in Sunset Orange and Electric Paradise 

    For a darker take on the Color of the Year, start out with Cosmic Sunshine hair dye, add a dollop of Frose hair dye and a few drops of Sunset Orange.

    @sheaella in Cosmic Sunshine, Frosé, and a few drops of Sunset Orange

    One of our most coveted mixes is this dreamy peach made with equal parts Arctic Mist Diluter and Girls Night hair color plus a dollop of Poison

    So, are you ready to embrace that warm fuzzy feeling? Don’t forget to tag us @arcticfoxhaircolor with your new look! 

    *Greece has a three-item limit due to customs restrictions* close