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    AF Blog — Bleach Please

    Powder Bleach vs Liquid Bleach: Which One is Right for Your Hair?

    Powder Bleach vs Liquid Bleach: Which One is Right for Your Hair?

    Hey there Fox Fam! Are you ready to ditch the brass and achieve some blonde locks? Then get excited because I'm here to spill the tea on our brand new bleach launch! Introducing Bleach Please Bleach Powder, available in two shades: powder blue and powder white!

    What is Bleach Please  Powder Bleach?

    Not only is Bleach Please Bleach Powder formulated as a quick acting formula to minimize process time, but it's also available in three convenient sizes to perfectly suit your hair lightening needs:

    • Salon-Worthy Performance at Home: Grab the 8.8oz tub, perfect for achieving a full head of blonde or multiple lightening sessions.
    • On-the-Go Touch-Ups: The individual 1 oz sachets offer a mess-free and convenient option for refreshing your roots or adding highlights whenever you need them. For even more value and convenience, these sachets are also available in a 5-pack, perfect for keeping your blonde locks on point at home!

    You’ll be able to get your hands on these variations of our new Bleach Please Powder on the Arctic Fox website! 

    What are the benefits of  Bleach Please  Powder Bleach?

    Bleach Please Bleach Powder boasts ultra-lightening power, lifting hair up to 9 levels for those dream-worthy blonde results. Its versatile application tackles both on-scalp highlights and balayage techniques with ease. Plus, say goodbye to the mess! Our dust-free, no-drip formula makes lightening a breeze. For maximum control, the bleach comes in two stunning options: white for clear visibility during lightening, allowing for perfect monitoring of lift, and blue to neutralize brassiness with its anti-yellowing effect. Achieve your desired level of blonde with the customizable lightening power, and thanks to the super-charged formula, processing time is minimized, reducing the risk of damage. Top it all off, Bleach Please Powder Bleach has a creamy consistency that ensures smooth mixing and application for even, flawless lightening from root to tip. It’s time to take your blonde ambitions to the next level!

    What are the differences between the Blue and White powder?

    Both our White and Blue Powder Bleaches boast serious lightening power, but they excel in different ways. The White Powder Bleach is all about crystal-clear lightening. With its high visibility, you'll be able to monitor the process closely and achieve your desired level of lift with maximum precision. This bleach is perfect for those who crave a blank canvas for vibrant colors or a head-turning platinum blonde.

    On the other hand, the Blue Powder Bleach is a brass-busting babe. The blue pigment works like a built-in toner, neutralizing unwanted orange and yellow tones as it lifts. This results in cooler, brighter blondes that are perfect for achieving an ashy or platinum blonde look. Plus, it creates the ideal base for rocking those pastel hair colors of your dreams – Electric Paradise or Aquamarine, anyone?

    So, the choice is yours! If icy white is your ultimate goal, grab the White Powder Bleach. But if you're aiming to banish brass and achieve a cool blonde masterpiece, the Blue Powder Bleach is your BFF.

    Liquid VS Powder Bleach

    While both powder and liquid bleach can lighten your hair, they offer different experiences.  Powder bleach packs a powerful punch, often containing a higher concentration of lightening agents for faster lifting. It's ideal for achieving dramatic results or going platinum blonde. However, it can be trickier to mix and apply, requiring more precision to avoid uneven lightening.  Liquid bleach, on the other hand, is generally pre-mixed and easier to use, making it a good choice for beginners or those tackling smaller lightening jobs. However, it may take longer to achieve the same level of lift as powder bleach, and some formulas might not be as strong. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your hair lightening goals and your comfort level with using bleach products.

    Feeling inspired to unleash your inner ice queen (or king!)? Let us know on social media how hyped you are for the Bleach, Please powder bleach launch! Tag us @arcticfoxhaircolor and show us your #BleachPlease dreams come true. We can't wait to see the magic the Fox Fam creates! ✨

    New Release: Bleach, Please White and Blue Powder Bleach from Arctic Fox!

    New Release: Bleach, Please White and Blue Powder Bleach from Arctic Fox!

    Powder bleach is here, babes! We’re so excited to announce the newest additions to our Bleach, Please line: Bleach, Please White Powder Bleach and Blue Powder Bleach!  

    Ditch the Drab, Embrace the Fab!

    This isn't your grandma's bleach, foxes. These powerhouse formulas are designed to launch your hair into the stratosphere of color with lightening power that lifts hair up to a 9 levels. That's right, say hello to platinum perfection and icy blonde dreams come true!

    Here's the Magical Breakdown:

    White Powder Bleach: This OG formula is your secret weapon for achieving crystal-clear, even lightening. See ya later, stripey hair! The White Powder Bleach boasts a unique, dust-free, no-drip formula that makes it a dream to use, even for beginners. The creamy consistency ensures a smooth application for flawless results from root to tip.

    Blue Powder Bleach: Brassiness? Begone! This innovative bleach is infused with built-in anti-yellowing pigments that banish brass and orange tones like a magic wand. The result? Cooler, brighter blondes that provide the perfect canvas for your favorite Arctic Fox shades to truly shine. Space Cowgirl? Girls Night? Bring it on!

    The Power is Yours!

    Both White and Blue Powder Bleach are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs:

    • 8.8oz Tub: Perfect for bleach bosses with ambitious hair goals.
    • Individual Sachets (1oz): Ideal for touch-ups, highlights, or money pieces.
    • 5 Pack of Sachets (5 x 1oz): Stock up and save for those multiple touch-up sessions!

    Unleash Your Inner Artist!

    No matter your desired level of lift, from subtle highlights to full-on platinum, both White and Blue Powder Bleach can be customized to achieve your vision. Simply choose your favorite developer to create the perfect lightening magic!

    A Gentle Reminder:

    While these new bleaches are powerful, safety is always a top priority at Arctic Fox. BE SURE to read and follow all directions and safety warnings before use.

    Ready to embark on your icy blonde adventure? Grab your White or Blue Powder Bleach today and unleash your inner Arctic Fox! Don't forget to tag us in your after pics – we can't wait to see your icy or colorful transformations! ❄️✨

    5 Ways to Bleach Your Hair

    5 Ways to Bleach Your Hair

    Bleached hair is the ultimate canvas for creating literally whatever the f*** you want. Split dyes? Money pieces? Dreamy pastels? Bleach, Please can do it all! And YES, she’s totally DIY friendly! 💅

    We’ve come prepared with not only 5 ways to bleach your hair yourself, but also some tips for using Bleach, Please, to provide you with the easiest DIY experience at home. Prior to bleaching, there’s just a couple of things to ask yourself. 

    How does bleaching work?

    And what is the goal I’m trying to achieve with bleaching?

    So let’s talk about it! 💖

    How does bleaching work? 👱‍♀️

    Essentially, bleach has one job and that’s to open the hair cuticle and dissolve any color from the hair. We’ve formulated Bleach, Please to be as gentle as possible - but at the end of the day, all bleach has the potential to cause damage since it opens up the hair cuticle, which can leave hair feeling dry or rough. Keep this in mind and take care of your hair both before AND after you bleach it! Every Bleach, Please kit comes with full instructions, but the basics of bleaching will always apply. Prior to bleaching, you'll want to give your hair PLENTY of TLC and conditioning! For step by step instructions + before/after care, head over to our blog on How to Bleach Your Hair Using Bleach, Please!

    What is the goal I’m trying to achieve with bleaching? 👀

    Maybe you’re trying to go for a pop of color, an all over bleach, a root touch up or just something fun and unique, we want you to feel confident in doing so! With that, let’s jump into the 5 ways to bleach your hair at home, like a pro! 

    1. Prepping for Pastels 💓

    @cheylist in Virgin Pink and Arctic Mist Diluter

    No matter your hair level (brunette OR blondes), you’re going to need to bleach your hair to a level 10 in order for pastel hair dye to show up the most vividly. Make sure you’re in a well-ventilated room when you’re applying the bleach, and always wear gloves to protect your hands 🤚 All of your hair should be fully saturated for an even lift, and you’ll want to work as quickly as you can to ensure it all lightens to the same level! We also recommend that you stay ⅛ of an inch away from your scalp when using Bleach, Please for best results and to prevent any possible irritation. 

    Since this is an all-over bleach job, we suggest sectioning your hair however is most efficient for you! Need to use mirrors to see the back of your head? DO IT!🪞Just be certain to save the roots for last as they tend to lift the fastest and should be applied AFTER you’ve applied the bleach to the ends of the hair already. Be sure to also check your hair every 5 minutes to avoid over processing ⏳

    ✨ AF Pro Tip: You don’t want to let the bleach sit any longer than 45 minutes regardless of the level of lift, to prevent any serious damage from occurring. Bleach, Please is formulated with some of the best ingredients to prevent damage but remember… it’s still bleach, bestie!

    After bleaching, be sure to take note that your hair may have a yellow hue to it and may need to be toned before applying color or else you may not achieve the pastel shade you’re going for. As your bestie, we can’t allow that to happen! Sooo here is how to create a DIY toner using Periwinkle + Arctic Mist 💛⏩🤍

    After you’ve rinsed the bleach out, allow the hair to dry 65% of the way. While your hair is still damp, mix a few drops of Periwinkle in a bowl of Arctic Mist Diluter, apply this mixture on your hair, let sit for 45 minutes, and rinse. From there, you’re all set to color your hair with the perfect pastel… Just in time for Spring! 🌸🌿🫧

    @mystiquemadeline in Frosé

    2. Money Pieces 💰🤑

    @glittersailor in Sunset Orange

    Looking for a low maintenance way to achieve a pop of color? 💥 Money Pieces are the first thing that comes to be mind because of how easy and it is to do with Bleach, Please plus it’s pretty low commitment! 

    All you need to do in order to achieve the perfect money piece at home is evenly separate your face-framing pieces of hair from the front and section them off. Once you’ve got this section secure, tie the rest of your hair back! 

    From here, simply follow the directions included in each Bleach, Please Kit to lighten those front pieces! Apply a stunning color over it and you just created a work of art! 😍

    @lizblendz in Purple AF, Virgin Pink, Arctic Mist Diluter

    Pssst… You can also do just your bangs using the same method! 👇

    @__panterra_yoga__ in Cosmic Sunshine and Sunset Orange

    3. Root Touch Up 🖌️

    If you just wanted to touch up your pastel or you’re going for a Billie Eilish vibe with vivid dyed roots, we got you! 

    @caitlyn_calupad in Poison

    It’s good to know that we have generally thicker hair in the back of the head and thin and more delicate hair in the front, causing the back of the head to take a tad longer to lighten. 

    To best approach this, we recommend separating the hair into 2 different sections… The front face-framing pieces and the back of your head. However, if you’re just looking for color on the top of the head and not necessarily all of your roots, you’d just section off that spot and work at the roots where you’d like to apply the color 🥰

    For all-over root bleaching, the steps are as follows: 

    Starting with the back of your head, you’ll want to clip the majority of your hair up and leave only the very bottom pieces of the hair in the back. Using a dye brush, you’ll apply the bleach to just the roots and continue working your way all the way up the back of your head, until the upper and under sides of each section have been covered in the bleach mixture ☑️

    🏃‍♀️ Quickly and steadily, you’ll now proceed with the front face-framing section that we had separated earlier. Cover all of the roots until you’ve coated them in bleach and as mentioned before, check on your roots every 5 minutes to be certain you don’t leave the bleach on any longer than necessary. Rinse … and you’re ready to go in with your favorite pastel or even bold red! The world is your oyster, babe! 🌈

     4. Split Dye 🧑‍🎤👩‍🎤

    One of the easiest methods to bleach + dye your hair and one of our personal favorites… the split dye! 🤩 I’m sure you’re thinking that you’re just going to section the hair into 2 sections based on where the split dye is going to be (down the middle, split dye on the bangs, horizontally, etc) and you’re absolutely right! … See! You’re a DIY pro already 😜

    Section the hair, follow the instructions provided and save the roots for last. We even love to see one side of the split left uncolored and only bleached. Yep, that’s it! Now for the fun part… the inspo! 

    ✨ AF Pro Tip: You can even just bleach one half of your hair and leave the other half your natural color. This look is such a stylish yet effective way to add some color to your hair and still give the illusion of a multi-colored look!

    @hadar_kawaii_hair in Violet Dream, Poseidon, Aquamarine, Neon Moon, Iris Green

    @jeks951_ in Poseidon, Blue Jean Baby

    @selinamirza in Electric Paradise, Virgin Pink, Space Cowgirl 

    @neg4tive_creep in Electric Paradise, Sunset Orange, and Virgin Pink

    5. Bleach Bath

    This method is actually most commonly used to remove a stubborn hair color but this also can help you achieve a blank canvas yet again, to pursue your new hue 😘

    What you’ll need: 

    - Water

    - Dandruff shampoo

    - Bleach, Please Kit

    To start, you’ll want to first attempt a color remover meant for semi-permanent color. If there is still color remaining, go ahead and get started with your bleach bath. Mixing your bleach and developer first, you’ll add in one good squeeze of anti dandruff shampoo (can be a cheap dollar store shampoo or whatever you can get your hands on) and then add in about ⅓ a cup of water or until the mixture appears smooth and not too runny. 

    Applying this mixture to the middle and ends of your hair (avoiding the scalp and roots completely) go ahead and cover only the color-treated hair and let it sit for no more than 5-7 minutes before you rinse. While you’re rinsing, we recommend using a purple shampoo to tone the hair at the same time. This gives you an even outcome and a perfect canvas to begin your new masterpiece! 

    @stjohnnnn in Bleach, Please


    Now that we’ve gone over 5 ways you can bleach your hair at home using our Bleach, Please Lightening Kit, which one will you be trying? Whichever you choose, be sure to tag us! 🤳

    Need more inspo pics before making a decision? Check out our Instagram for endless amounts of inspiration! And of course, if you ever have any questions or need help mixing up the perfect custom shade, send us an email at We’re always here to help 🫶 

     Happy coloring, Fox Fam! 🎨 


    Mixing AF Semi-Permanent Hair Dye - Our Most Underrated Mixes

    Mixing AF Semi-Permanent Hair Dye - Our Most Underrated Mixes

    The best part about using AF semi-permanent hair dye? The absolutely ENDLESS customizability of our colors. ✨ You can create your own custom mixes and unleash your inner artist on your hair with just about any hair dye color combo you can dream of. 

    Let's dive into the realm of dynamic duos, perfect pairings, and all things Arctic Fox that effortlessly blend together - like peanut butter and jelly or your favorite color combo! Our Fox Fam would argue that mixing Arctic Fox hair dye is an art form. You can easily create a unique blend of color right from the comfort of your home. Our DIY formula is perfect for anyone wanting to experiment. Here are some of our most underrated color combinations you didn’t know you needed in your life!

    Dusty Rose Gold 

    Frosé and Space Cowgirl

    Let’s get dreamy with it! Frosé hair dye and Space Cowgirl hair dye create an unexpected color combo that GIVES springtime dream for our pastel lovers out there. Get out your AF mixing bowls and brushes and pour in a ratio of 70% Frose to 30% Space Cowgirl to get this lustrous color combo! It’s important that Frose hair dye a majority of this mix to nail the color on pre-lightened hair. 

    Brunette Bombshell

    Ginger Flare + Transylvania

    Our foxes are always asking for natural colors - and we have great news, you can totally create your own natural color mix at home! If you’re ready for a drastic transition from neon to natural, start with a base of Ginger Flare hair dye and add a few drops of Transylvania hair dye. To achieve that gorgeous reddish-brown, you’re going to need 80% Ginger Flare with 20% Transylvania ratio. This mix is shown on level 10 hair, so be sure to do a strand test before you try this beautiful brown hue to see how it will show up on your current hair level. 

    The Witch

    Girls Night and Transylvania

    This purple haze is guaranteed to put a spell on anyone.  👀 Give a smoky hue to Arctic Fox’s Girls Night hair dye by adding a few drops of Transylvania hair dye. You’ll want a ratio of 80% Girls Night and 20% Transylvania for this dreamy purple shade. This mix is shown on a level 10 base, so make sure you’re there or lighten up with Bleach, Please. A tiny may take to darker bases (no guarantees) but be sure to do a strand test to see how it looks on your locks!

    Peach Princess

    Arctic Mist Diluter, Girls Night, and Poison

    You’ll never guess what AF hair dyes make up this rustic shade! Start with 75% Arctic Mist Diluter, then add in 20% Girls Night hair dye, and finish off with 5% Poison hair dye. As always with lighter shades, you’ll need to start with a base level 10 hair for the mix to show up as pictured! This peachy perfect mix will turn heads throughout festival season, you’ll be dyeing to keep it all summer long.  Give it a go next time you want to spice up your look, and tag us so we can see! 

    Rich B*tch

    Ritual and Sterling

    Show off your expensive a** taste with this delicious berry shade that looks good enough to eat! Go halfsies with a mix of Ritual hair dye and Sterling hair dye to get this smokey berry color. This is perfect for wanting to turn things up a notch and opt for a more natural looking shade while still exploring purple hues! The mix pictured is on a level 10 base, so go with a strand test to see how it shows up on you.

    Creative Hair Dye Color Placements 

    Split Dyes

    Ritual and Arctic Mist Diluter + Sterling and Electric Paradise

    Talk about a perfect pairing! This stunning split dye is a mix of 50% Ritual hair dye and 50% Arctic Mist Diluter on one side with Sterling hair dye and Electric Paradise hair dye mixed together for the other. If you’re looking for a trendy but daring color combo for Vday (or year ‘round), this color placement should definitely be next up on your list. Oh, and the adorable puppy, you ask? We partner with rescues like Pup Culture to prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare! If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can apply to adopt the adorable doggos they rescue. Visit @pupculturerescue on Instagram where they post their pups weekly! 

    Dreamy Color Melt

    Girls Night and Periwinkle

    If a split dye isn’t calling your name but you still want to show off two colors at once, a color melt is your move! A color melt is simply starting with one color on the top part of your hair that quite literally melts beautifully as it meets with another color towards the bottom half of your hair! This stunning color melt is Girls Night hair dye and Periwinkle hair dye - and OMG it’s a literal dream. Girls Night and Periwinkle are on the lighter end of our vivid hair dyes, so you absolutely need to start with level 9 hair or lighter! Use our Bleach, Please hair lightening kit to get your hair to the desired level if you need, and always always do a strand test.


    Virgin and Poison

    Looking to mix it up even more? 👀 Check out halo hair, it’s literally everywhere right now! A halo color placement is one color on your first layer of hair, and a different color on the layers beneath it. It gives a gorgeous peekaboo effect and the styling options are truly endless! This fiery look from @alexajdmakeup was made using Virgin Pink hair dye and Poison hair dye. We love this color combo, especially during the month of February when red and pink hues reign supreme. Lucky for you AF shades are made for creating these daring looks at home! Virgin Pink hair color is a vibrant hot pink and will appear as a magenta tint on brown hair, its most vibrant form comes with pre-lightened hair. Poison hair color has a slight orange undertone that will prevent it from fading to a pink. Poison will give a dark, subtle tint to darker tones of hair but will turn out most vibrantly on hair that is pre-lightened to around a level 8. Give it a go the next time you’re feeling spicy!

    Now that you’re a pro at color combos make sure you tag us on IG @arcticfoxhaircolor if you try out any of these mixes or split dyes. We love to see you explore your inner hairstylist with our DIY friendly hair dye colors!

    Slay Your Way to Healthy Hair: Bleach, Please Aftercare Guide

    Slay Your Way to Healthy Hair: Bleach, Please Aftercare Guide

    Hey, Fox Fam! 🌈✨Having the perfect platinum doesn't stop at the bleach bowl – maintaining beautiful healthy hair after using Bleach, Please is just as important as bleaching properly. 

    If you haven’t bleached yet, check out how to use Bleach, Please here, and then come back to learn why post-bleach aftercare is your blonde hair’s new bestie.

    @kenzie_teague rocked Bleach, Please

    @kenzie_teague rocked Bleach, Please for her icy blonde, and added hydration with Money Hunny and Pool Party for air-dried waves. 🏖️

    Hair Hydration Post Bleach

    Hydrating your hair after bleaching is a MUST. Bleached hair gets a bit dry and fragile because the process opens the cuticle layer of the hair shaft, making moisture harder to lock in. Hydration is like a superhero shield, making your hair flexible, shiny, and less likely to break.  It's the secret sauce for saying bye-bye to those pesky split ends! 🌈✨ Show your hair some love and opt for hydrating products 💁‍♀️🌟 

    ✨AF Pro Tip✨ Drink water for healthy hair! Hydration isn't just important for your body, it's a game-changer for your hair too! Drinking water keeps your hair cells happy and well-hydrated, ensuring they retain moisture and stay flexible. When your locks are adequately hydrated from the inside, they're less likely to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. So, sip that H2O for hair that's as hydrated as your favorite skincare routine! 💦🌟 

    Limit Wash Days

    Limited washing is another ingredient in the secret sauce! 🚿💫 Too much shampooing strips away those natural oils that keep your locks glossy and thriving. Spacing out your wash days is the key to preserving those natural oils, maintaining vibrancy, and letting your hair shine - literally! ✨💖 

    Enter the game-changer: dry shampoo! 🌬️🌟 Arctic Fox's dynamic duo, Vacay and Road Tripare your go-to squad for refreshing those strands in between washes. They soak up excess oil, add volume, and keep your hair feeling fresh without the daily washdown. 

    How Heat Affects Bleached Hair

    Bleached babes, listen up – we already know excessive heat styling and hot water are the villains behind color fading, but they also are one of the biggest threats to bleached hair 🥵! To keep your hair health intact, go easy on hot tools and opt for warm, not scalding, water. Limit heat tool usage to 2-3 times a week at most to prevent damage. When you do use hot tools, stick to lower temperature settings – around 300°F or lower is your hair's happy place.

    And here's the golden rule when using a hot tool: always, always use a heat protectant as a shield for your hair! Opt for embracing heatless styles, like braids, buns, sock bun curls, or air-dry with some Money Hunny to tame the frizz, so you can give your locks a break.

    Don’t forget, the heat from harmful UV rays contributes to drying and damaging bleached hair. Shield those beach blonde strands from harsh sun with OG hair perfume & UV protectant ☀️ It is made with ingredients like Helioxine, a powerful sun shield derived from sunflowers that also keeps free radicals at bay, and humectants, one of the best hair hydrators🌻Plus, OG Hair Perfume & UV Protectant also has our signature grape scent, just like our dyes 🍇 The only thing that should be super hot, is how you look with your new hair 😏🔥

    Hair Products to Use Post-Bleach

    1. Hydrating Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner 

    Foxes, when it comes to your hair game, always roll with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are the guardians of bleached hair. They're gentle, keeping your hair moisturized and frizz-free without stripping away all those natural oils. Check out AF’s Resurrected Shampoo + Conditioner – it's the sulfate-free fairy godmother your hair's been wishing for. Packed with goodies like argan oil and green tea extract, it's the ultimate combo for strong, shiny, and vibrant tresses. Plus, it's got your back in the color preservation game. No harsh detergents here, just pure love for your mane. And let's be real, nobody wants a red, irritated scalp after bleaching – not cute! Keep it sulfate-free, keep it fresh. 💁‍♂️✨ 

    AF’s Resurrected Shampoo + Conditioner – it's the sulfate-free fairy godmother your hair's been wishing for.

    Say hello to your bleached-treated hair's dynamic duo! 💪🚿 

    2. Conditioning Masks

    Hair masks are heroes for your post-bleach hair! 🦸‍♀️✨ Use them weekly, or even daily if you're feeling extra! 

    Arctic Fox’s Pool Party is the ultimate hydration haven 🌴✨ This foaming hair mask isn't just a product; it's a haircare experience. Apply enough to saturate dry hair, leave it in for a blissful 10 minutes (or more!), then rinse and condition. Your hair emerges revitalized, ready to conquer the day. But hold up, the magic doesn't end there – you can also use Pool Party as a leave-in conditioner! Just a dab on wet hair, and boom, you've locked in that moisture all day. 🌊

    Arctic Fox’s Pool Party is the ultimate hydration haven

    3. Hair Serums and Oils 

    Hit the haircare jackpot and get you some Money Hunny! 💰✨ This serum, armed with Prodew®500, Keravis, and a blend of hydrating oils like argan and avocado, is your MVP for post-bleaching. 🌈💪 Give your locks the love they deserve – add 1-2 pumps, depending on hair length and thickness, from mid-length to ends. Money Hunny is lightweight, so it can (and should) be used daily to keep those locks hydrated and frizz free. 💁‍♀️💖 


    Adding a post-bleaching oil routine will level up your hair health 🛢️✨ Use the power trio: argan, avocado, or jojoba (a blend of all of them is great too). They’re all oils that can penetrate the hair shaft – it’s like a spa day for your hair, drenching it in the hydration it craves. The frequency of use depends on your hair type and needs, but generally, using hair oils 1-2 times a week as a treatment or leaving them in overnight can work wonders in restoring vitality to your strands. Just don't OD on the oil, or you might end up with a greasy situation – balance is key! 🌿✨ 

    ✨AF Pro Tip✨ Add some Money Hunny Repair Serum and oil from mid-length to ends before your wash routine. 🌈💰 This power move shields your locks, keeping that precious moisture locked in. Shampoo, we see you – you're all about cleaning the scalp and roots, right? 👀 But the less shampoo gets to your luscious lengths, the better! 🚿🌟 Keep those tresses hydrated pre-wash, and watch how shampoo won't dry out your hair. 🌊💖

    4. Bond Builders

    Don't skip the bond-building! 🔗✨ after you've given your locks the bleach treatment, it's time for some real talk about bond builders – the unsung heroes of post-bleach life! 🚀✨ Bond builders are like your hair's repair squad. They help mend any broken bonds caused by bleaching, making sure your hair stays strong. 💪🌈 Think of it as insurance for your strands – when you use it, the more resilience and bounce your hair retains. Your hair will thank you 💖

    5. Silk Accessories 

    Wearing a silk bonnet or using a silk pillowcase is like giving your bleached hair a VIP treatment while you catch those Zs! 🌙✨ Bleaching makes your tresses more delicate, and silk protects your mane from tangles and breakage. 🦸‍♀️💖 The smooth silk surface is like a cozy hug for your hair, preventing it from getting all tangled up and keeping that fresh bleach job intact. Plus, it's a chic bedtime accessory that adds a touch of glam to your beauty sleep routine! 😴🌟 So, slip on that silk bonnet and pillowcase, dream big, and wake up with hair that's as smooth as the day before.

    How Often Can You Bleach Your Hair Without Damage?

    1. Understand Your Hair's Limit

    Understanding the factors that determine your hair's bleach tolerance is a personal equation involving your hair type, its natural strength, and past treatments. Some of the red flags of over-bleaching: if your once vibrant strands start resembling a tumbleweed, feel straw-like, or if you spot breakage– Your hair's talking to you; listen up and adjust those bleach sessions accordingly 🚫

    2. Time Between Bleaching Sessions

    When it comes to bleach sessions, don’t push your hair past the limit 🚫⏰ Typically, you should be waiting at least 4 to 6 weeks between bleaching. This golden window lets your hair recharge, repair, and maintain its moisture. However, there's no one-size-fits-all here! 🌈💇‍♀️ We always recommend consulting a professional’s personalized advice. Whether your hair craves a little extra time or is ready for your next color adventure, let the experts guide you. 🌟💖 

    ✨Achieving and maintaining the perfect platinum locks with Bleach, Please is a journey that extends beyond the initial bleaching process. Your post-bleach aftercare routine is crucial in ensuring your blonde hair remains vibrant, flexible, and healthy. Hydration is the key, and Arctic Fox Hair Care products like AF’s Resurrected Shampoo + Conditioner, Pool Party hair mask, and Money Hunny hair serum play essential roles in keeping your locks nourished and frizz-free. Don't forget that bond builders can help repair and strengthen your hair after the bleaching adventure. Understanding your hair's limit, waiting between bleach sessions, limited washing, and minimizing heat exposure are vital components in the recipe for luscious, long-lasting blonde locks. With the right aftercare routine, your bleached hair can shine with radiance and resilience 💖✨Embrace the journey and slay your way to healthy, happy hair! 💁‍♀️💖 

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