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    AF Blog — Color Spotlight

    How to Get Green Goddess Hair with Arctic Fox’s Iris Green

    How to Get Green Goddess Hair with Arctic Fox’s Iris Green

    Ever wished you could bottle the essence of springtime and wear it on your head? Enter, Iris Green - a forever favorite that captures goddess energy in a bottle. This vibrant, grassy green has been a chart-topping shade for what feels like forever, and for good reason.

    So, what exactly is Iris Green?

    It's a medium-light green that leans cool, thanks to its subtle bluish undertone (think fresh leaves, not swamp monster). Unlike some super dark greens, Iris Green loves a light-colored canvas to truly shine - levels 8 and lighter give the best results. If your hair's a bit darker blonde, don't fret! Adding a touch of our highly pigmented Phantom Green (think emerald!) to Iris Green can give you that green goddess look you crave. Just remember, pre-lighting is usually your BFF for achieving the most vibrant and accurate Iris Green.

    Ready to take your green game to the next level? We got you!

    Level Up: Iris Green on Different Hair Levels

    This shade is a medium grassy green shade which turns out best on hair that is pre-lightened to a level 8 or lighter. If your hair's a bit darker than level 8, Iris Green might give you a subtle green tint, but for a bolder look, consider Phantom Green.

    Feeling adventurous? Adding a few drops of Transylvania to Iris Green creates a magical emerald dream. Just sayin'. ✨

    Get Faded: How Iris Green Says Sayonara

    Iris Green fades beautifully, too! It tends to go down a softer, minty route, so you won't be left with harsh lines or weird colors. Just keep in mind that for the longest-lasting, most vibrant green, using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner is key!

    Iris Green Mixology: It's a Party!

    Iris Green is all about playing nice with other colors. Feeling a more intense green vibe? Mix Iris Green and Phantom Green in equal parts for a show-stopping medium green. Want a teal masterpiece? Iris Green and Aquamarine are your new best friends!

    Here are some other ways to dye:

    Neon Dream + Iris Green = Electric Lime Green 

    Perfect for those who like to light up a room… literally! All you need is 20% Iris Green, 80% Neon Moon on a level 10 base!

    Girl's Night + Purple AF + Iris Green = Smoky Purple 

    Because who says green can't be mysterious? 80% Girls Night, 10% Purple AF, 10% Iris Green is your elixir for this magical look!

    Diluted Iris Green = Minty Fresh Blue 

    Level 9+ base recommended for this one. Drop 10% Iris Green into 90% Arctic Mist Diluter and voilá!

    Iris Green + Aquamarine = A Mermaid Mix

    Come on in! The water’s warm 😉 Mix up 90% Iris Green and 10% Aquamarine for this tantalizing shade. 

    Show Us Your Green Glory!

    @purple.mermaid in Iris Green

    @mikayla.goldiloxx in Phantom Green, Iris Green, and Poseidon

    @cakefacedcutie in Iris Green

    @ihatedeanfromgilmoregirls in Iris Green and Poseidon

    Color Spotlight: Phantom Green

    Color Spotlight: Phantom Green

    Obsessed with Green Hair? Us Too!

    Get to Know Our OG Shade, Phantom Green

    Calling all green hair lovers! If you’re looking for a deep, forest green that’ll seriously make your hair stand out, then look no further than our OG shade, Phantom Green. Phantom Green is a bold, boss-level shade that's been a best-seller since, like, forever. And for a reason! It's the perfect shade for a subtle emerald peek-a-boo or a full-on green goddess transformation.

    Coloring with Phantom Green: Your Green Hair Guide

    So you've decided to join the green side? Here's the lowdown on everything you need to know about coloring your hair with Phantom Green:

    Prepping for Green Hair Glory

    Level Up Your Hair Game: Remember, Phantom Green is a semi-permanent dye, which means it's like a temporary tattoo for your hair. The brighter you want your green, the lighter your base needs to be. Think levels 8 or lighter for the most vibrant results. Darker hair will show a subtle emerald tint, which can be super cool too!

    • Strand Test, ALWAYS: This hair coloring 101. Do a strand test before committing to a full head of green. It'll help you see how the color reacts with your hair and avoid any surprises (like accidentally looking like a highlighter).
    • Patience is a Virtue (Especially with Green Hair): Leave the dye on for 30-60 minutes. The longer you rock the green goo, the more vibrant the color payoff will be.
    • Color-Safe is the Only Way: Using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, like Resurrected is key to making your green hair last longer. Think of it as a shield against color fade!

    Choosing Your Green Hair Journey: Base It On Your Hair

    As we mentioned before, your hair's natural shade (or what we color experts call the "base") plays a big role in how Phantom Green will show up. Here's a cheat sheet to get you started:

    • Level 7-10 Light Blonde Hair: This is the golden ticket for Phantom Green! Get ready for a super vibrant, true green that'll turn heads.
    • Level 6-7 Light Brown Hair: The green will show up as a more muted emerald green, perfect for a mystical vibe.
    • Level 5-6 Medium Brown Hair: You'll see a subtle green tint, adding a touch of mermaid magic to your locks.

    Level Up: Phantom Green on Different Hair Levels

    Get Faded: How Phantom Green Fades

    The good news is, Phantom Green fades beautifully! It goes out with a bang, transforming into a lighter version of itself over time, so you won't have to worry about any major color shifts. To keep your green hair looking fresh and fab, we recommend using a few drops of color mixed into your favorite conditioner like our fave, Resurrected Conditioner (wink, wink). It's like a green hair mask that keeps the vibrancy going strong!

    Phantom Green Mixology: Unleash Your Inner Alchemist

    Feeling like a hair color scientist? Phantom Green is the perfect base for creating all sorts of killer green concoctions. Here are a few mixology ideas to spark your creativity:

    Oceanic Teal: Mix 60% Phantom Green with 40% of Arctic Fox's Aquamarine for a mermaid-inspired teal hue

    True Green: Add 10% of Arctic Fox's Neverland to 90% Phantom Green for a true green.

    Midnight Forest: Feeling mysterious? Mix 80% Phantom Green with 5% of Arctic Fox's Transylvania and 15% Aquamarine for a dark, forest green vibe.

    Phantom Green on YOU

    We love seeing our Fox Fam rock their bold green shades. Here are a few of our favorites featuring Phantom Green:

    @loonsie in Phantom Green 

    @cristallightcodes in Phantom Green in Phantom Green

    Need a little extra help?

    For personalized advice on achieving your perfect shade, feel free to reach out to our support team at Happy coloring!


    Color Spotlight: Neon Moon - UV Reactive Light Yellow Hair Dye

    Color Spotlight: Neon Moon - UV Reactive Light Yellow Hair Dye

    Summer might be in full swing, but let's be honest, bright colors are a year-round vibe. Enter Neon Moon, a show-stopping semi-permanent shade from Arctic Fox’s hair color line that takes yellow to a whole new level. This cool-toned highlighter yellow isn't just vibrant, it glows under UV light, making it perfect for adding an extra pop to your look, day or night. Whether you want to rock it solo, create a dazzling neon masterpiece, or mix it into a custom shade, Neon Moon is your key to unlocking endless colorful possibilities.

    Coloring with Neon Moon

    Best practices

    For the most vibrant results with Neon Moon, achieving the perfect base is crucial. Here's what you need to know:

    Since Neon Moon is a bright color, it thrives on pre-lightened hair. The lighter your canvas, the bolder and more true-to-tone the yellow will appear. Aim for a level 9 or 10 for the most intense neon effect. Remember, yellows tend to get lost on darker bases, so a medium to dark blonde is usually the cut-off point for achieving any noticeable color.

    Neon Moon On Different Bases 

    Here's a breakdown of how Neon Moon shows up on various hair levels:

    • Level 9-10 (Light Blonde): This is the ideal base for Neon Moon. Expect a bright, vivid yellow that glows intensely under UV light.
    • Level 7-8 (Light Brown): The yellow might show up faintly, with a possible greenish tint depending on the underlying tones in your hair. The UV glow will likely be minimal.
    • Level 5-6 (Medium Brown): At this level, Neon Moon probably won't be visible.

    Get Faded: How Neon Moon Fades

    Like all semi-permanent dyes, Neon Moon fades over time. The good news is, it fades relatively clean within the original color spectrum. This means the yellow hues will soften and become pastel-like as they fade, maintaining a beautiful color even as it washes out.

    Neon Moon Mixology

    The magic of Neon Moon doesn't stop at its solo shine. It's a fantastic mixer, opening doors to a world of vibrant neon creations! Here are some ideas to get you started!

    Fairy Dust

    Combine a ratio of 80% Neon Moon to 20% Iris Green on a platinum base for this trending shade.

    Lime Green

    Add a few drops of Aquamarine to Neon Moon for a brighter, lime-toned effect.

    Neon Flare

    Mix 90% Neon Moon with 10% Ginger Flare for this dreamy, peachy vibe with a UV reactive twist! 

    Orange Popsicle

    Nothing like a 50/50 mix of Sunset Orange and Neon Moon for the most delicious POP of color. 

    Neon Moon on You

    We love seeing how creative our Fox Fam gets with Neon Moon! From bold solo applications to dazzling mixed masterpieces, show us your Neon Moon looks in the comments below.

    @craftyourhair in Aquamarine and Neon Moon

    @_raefierce in Neon Moon and Porange

    @hairwaytoheaven in Electric Paradise, Poison, Sunset Orange, Neon Moon, Space Cowgirl, Aquamarine

    @lizzvargashair in Neon Moon and Iris Green  

    @badgaldidiii in Neon Moon

    @hairbygemm_a in Iris Green, Space Cowgirl, and Neon Moon

    Need a little extra help?

    For personalized advice on achieving your perfect shade of yellow or rocking Neon Moon in any way you can dream of, feel free to reach out to our support team at Happy coloring!

    Color Spotlight: Cosmic Sunshine

    Color Spotlight: Cosmic Sunshine

    If you’re looking to be the embodiment of sunshine, Cosmic Sunshine is the one for you! Cosmic Sunshine is a bright yellow vivid that will truly turn heads wherever you go. Yellow hair is a bold choice and dare we say not a common one even among vivid hair enthusiasts. Bright yellow screams sunshine, happiness, spontaneity, and confidence - sounds like the perfect color choice for our Fox Fam! Let’s dive into what makes Cosmic Sunshine THAT color. 

    Coloring with Cosmic Sunshine

    Cosmic Sunshine is a lighter shade and will turn out best on pre-lightened hair - level 8 or lighter is your best bet for this stunner! If your hair has brassy tones, you can expect a golden glow when you use Cosmic Sunshine. 

    Cosmic Sunshine won’t take on darker bases due to its light and bright tone. If you’re starting with hair below a level 8, use Bleach, Please to get your hair to the desired level! 

    Level Up: Cosmic Sunshine on Different Hair Levels

    Let’s break it down! 

    Platinum Blonde (Level 10): With hair this light, you can expect to see the FULL effect of Cosmic Sunshine. For that true yellow to shine through, make sure your base is toned and even for a smooth application and color payoff. 

    Light Blonde (Level 9): You’ll see a slightly darker yellow with this base, but the color payoff is definitely bold and yellow at this level!

    Medium Blonde (Level 7-8): Cosmic Sunshine will give a golden hue to medium blonde locks which will be sooo pretty when the sun hits!

    Light Brown (Level 6): A barely-there golden tint will come through on this base, which might be just the thing if you’re looking to spice up your natural hair just a bit!

    Anything below these levels will need some lightening for Cosmic Sunshine to shine! ✨


    Get Faded: How Cosmic Sunshine Fades 

    All of our AF hair dyes are formulated to fade gracefully and Cosmic Sunshine is no exception! While this vibrant yellow will likely keep its brightness for a few months, once it starts to fade you’ll see a lighter version of itself. Keep a 4 oz bottle handy for touch ups in the shower to keep up the vibrancy as long as you’d like! And when you’re ready for a transition, Virgin Pink, Electric Paradise, Ginger Flare, Sunset Orange, and Poison are the perfect options to mix with or cover up our yellow favorite. These colors are great to mix with Cosmic Sunshine as well if you want to go for a sunset inspired look or a rusty pink! 

    Cosmic Sunshine Mixology

    And speaking of mixing…let’s dive into our favorite recipes for mixing this piece of sunshine!

    For this spicy, gingery mix, mix up 40% Cosmic Sunshine, 30% Ginger Flare, and 30% Arctic Mist Diluter on level 9+ hair! 

    This gorgeous rusty yellow is 50% Electric Paradise and 50% Cosmic Sunshine! Plus, the UV reactivity of Electric Paradise will give this mix a subtle glow-in-the-dark effect. 

    Add a drop of Frosé into a base of Cosmic Sunshine for a little dose of pastel pink in your yellow hair fix! 

    Hello, ginger spice! 45% Sunset Orange, 45% Cosmic Sunshine, and 10% Purple AF is THE mix for a ginger-inspired look. 

    Cosmic Sunshine on You

    Now, for the best part - let’s see what Cosmic Sunshine looks like on our Fox Fam!

    @vivisterling in Cosmic Sunshine

    @the.neon.blonde in Frosé, Electric Paradise, and Cosmic Sunshine

    @millershea.r in Cosmic Sunshine and Neon Moon

    @lacefaceluna in Cosmic Sunshine, Sunset Orange, and Purple AF

    @theeglamnaija in Poison, Sunset Orange, and Cosmic Sunshine

    @zoe_la_leigh in Cosmic Sunshine and Purple AF

    @nadine.xoo in Sunset Orange, Purple AF, Electric Paradise, and Cosmic Sunshine 

    @kimboohoo in Cosmic Sunshine 

    Color Spotlight: Electric Paradise Hair Dye

    Color Spotlight: Electric Paradise Hair Dye

    Obsessed with bright pink hair? Wanna turn heads wherever you go? Then Electric Paradise is your new BFF. This cult-favorite is our most epic neon pink with a subtle touch of coral, and its got a UV-reactive glow for that extra POP under blacklights. 

    Electric Paradise is a vivid, versatile neon pink that has been one of the most popular Arctic Fox shades since it first launched in 2017 - if you haven’t given it a try yet, you’ve been missing out! Read on to discover the best ways to use this festival-ready, UV reactive shade!

    Coloring with Electric Paradise

    Electric Paradise is a semi-permanent dye, which means it fades out gradually over time. This is perfect for hair color newbies who want to experiment with a bold look without the commitment. Plus, it's made with vegan ingredients and free of harsh chemicals, so you can dye your hair guilt-free.

    Best Base for Electric Paradise

    Electric Paradise will shine brightest on pre-lightened hair, more specifically a Level 8 or lighter on the hair color chart. This means if your hair is naturally dark brown or black, you'll probably need to lighten it before you dye it pink. But don't worry, if you're not blonde already, achieving this look is still totally possible! Here are some tips for lightening your hair at home, but be sure to strand test first! 

    Level Up: Electric Paradise on Different Hair Levels

    Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from Electric Paradise on different hair bases:

    • Level 9+ (light blonde): This is the sweet spot for Electric Paradise! You'll get the full-on neon pink with a vibrant UV glow.
    • Level 7-8 (medium blonde): The pink will still be pretty bright, but it might have a slightly softer look. The UV glow might be a little less intense too.
    • Level 6 (light brown): You'll see a softer pink with a hint of coral, but there probably won't be much of a UV glow.
    • Level 5 (medium brown) and below: The dye won't show up very well on dark hair. But hey, if you don't want to lighten your whole head, you could always try a peekaboo highlight with Electric Paradise!

    Not sure if your hair is light enough for Electric Paradise?  We always recommend a strand test first so you can see exactly how the color will turn out before applying it all over. But if you’re uncertain, and especially if your hair is unbleached, increasing the pigmentation is your best bet for ensuring a more medium tone like this will turn out visibly and vibrantly. Every AF shade has a swatch chart on the product page to help guide you in your quest for the perfect color, but if you have any questions about Electric Paradise or any other AF shade, feel free to send us an email at and we’d be happy to help!

    Get Faded: How Electric Paradise Fades

    Electric Paradise typically lasts for 4-6 weeks, depending on how you care for your hair. As it fades, you’ll notice that this color stays true to its undertones until the end, gradually fading into a lighter version of itself. To keep your pink looking fresh, try using color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Generally, washing your hair less often will also help your color last longer. Here are some other tips for making your dye last as long as it can:

    • Avoid heat styling tools as much as possible. If you do use them, use a heat protectant spray first.
    • Protect your hair from the sun. UV rays can cause hair color to fade. Wear a hat or spray in our UV protectant when you're going to be outside for extended periods of time.
    • Avoid swimming in chlorine or saltwater. Chlorine and saltwater can strip hair color. If you do go swimming, rinse your hair with clean water afterwards.

    Electric Paradise Mixology

    Electric Paradise is stunning on its own, but it also plays well with others! Here are a few ideas for mixing Electric Paradise with other Arctic Fox colors:

    • For a pastel pink: Mix Electric Paradise with Frosé on a level 9+ base.
    • For a vibrant purple: Mix Electric Paradise with a dash of Purple AF on a level 7+ base.
    • For a fiery orange: Mix Electric Paradise with Cosmic Sunshine on a level 8+ base.

    Not your vibe? Here are a few of some of our favorite mixes: 

    The deets: 60% Electric Paradise and 40% Sterling 

    The deets: 90% Electric Paradise and 10% Ginger Flare

    The deets: 90% Electric Paradise and 10% Wrath

    Electric Paradise on YOU

    @bigfatjenna in Electric Paradise

    @tarayamaguchi in Frosé and Electric Paradise

    @douxfairy in Girls Night and Electric Paradise

     @brendaroseno in Electric Paradise and Porange

    So what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner neon baddie with Electric Paradise!


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