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    AF Blog — Pistachio Macaron

    Arctic Fox's New Pistachio Macaron Pastel Hair Dye: A Sweet Treat for Your Tresses 🍬🌿💚

    Arctic Fox's New Pistachio Macaron Pastel Hair Dye: A Sweet Treat for Your Tresses 🍬🌿💚


    Are you ready to flex on your hair game with some flavor? Say hello to Arctic Fox's latest drop: Pistachio Macaron – a vibe in the Pastel Hour: Spill the Tea collection. If you're craving that warm, minty pastel green hair dye that's as fresh as a summer day, Pistachio Macaron is the move, Fox Fam.

    What makes Pistachio Macaron stand out from the pack? This shade ain't your typical green. While Neverland serves up that ice-cold, slightly blue-toned mint, Pistachio Macaron brings the heat with a warmer, inviting tone. It's like the boujee cousin of the minty fam, here to slay.

    Let's talk about Pistachio Macaron's fade game – it's next level. This semi-permanent hair dye stays true to its color even as it fades, keeping your hair looking fly for ages. With its green undertone and base, this shade stays consistent, giving you that depth you crave.

    If you are looking for the perfect springtime green mixes, a 50/50 mix of Pistachio Macaron and Iris Green is my go to combo. 


    If you want to keep it a little more pastel, half Cotton Candy Dreams and half Pistachio Macaron is also another stunning mix. 

    If you love Neverland and Pistachio Macaron and can't decide between the two, why not mix them for the perfect in-between shade! 

    To make sure Pistachio Macaron pops off like it should, start with a clean slate. That means lightening your hair to a level 10 platinum blonde. Trust, this base lets Pistachio Macaron shine without any distractions. Grab some Bleach, Please and get to lightening those locks, babes! 

    To keep that Pistachio Macaron going strong, cut down on washing your hair – water can mess with your color's vibrancy. When you do wash, go for that cold water to seal the deal and keep your color looking fresh. Dry shampoo is your ride or die between washes, keeping your hair on point without messing with your color game. Grab some Vacay Volumizing Shampoo or Desert Road Trip if you plan on going on a pastel journey! When you do wash your hair, make sure to use a color safe shampoo and conditioner, like Resurrected Shampoo and Conditioner.

    With Pistachio Macaron, Arctic Fox keeps it real, offering up vibrant, cruelty-free hair colors that let you flex your style with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned color queen or just getting started on your pastel journey, Pistachio Macaron is here to level up your hair game.

    So what's the holdup, Fox Fam? Treat yourself to Pistachio Macaron and take your hair to new heights. Life's too short for basic hair!

    Introducing Pastel Hour: Arctic Fox’s Latest Pastel Semi-Permanent Hair Color Collection

    Introducing Pastel Hour: Arctic Fox’s Latest Pastel Semi-Permanent Hair Color Collection

    Pastel Hour: Spill the Tea

    Just in time for spring, festival season, and everything light and bright - Pastel Hour is here! The brand new Arctic Fox collection consists of four pastel semi-permanent hair colors, three completely new shades and one you know and love. These sweet hues are an absolute dream to stare at and play with. Take a bite into Cotton Candy Dreams, a highly sought after light blue, the most coveted color this year peach in Peach Prosecco, the softest green in Pistachio Macaron, and our beloved baby pink in Frosé. Let’s dive right into pastel tea time, shall we? 

    Hair Levels for Pastel

    First things first, you know we’ll never lead you astray, Fox Fam. Before we dish the deets on these new pastel all-stars, let’s squash the hair level question once and for all. Yes, you WILL need platinum hair for these lovely pastels to shine the way they’re meant to. If you need some help getting there, our Bleach, Please at-home lightening kit will absolutely lighten up those strands! And of course, we here to guide you through the process of lightening your hair at home. If your hair is already light but has a bright ‘n bold color all over it, you’ll want to use a color remover to make sure you have a clean and even canvas to apply your pastel dream. 

    Cotton Candy Dreams 

    Cotton Candy Dreams hair color was requested by none other than YOU! Our Fox Fam has been BEGGING for this color, and she’s finally here. This shade of pastel blue is a delicious combination of a smooth, buttery blue, with a strong neon tone. On level 10 bases, you’ll enjoy the full softness, while darker shades will see a subdued and muted tone. Either way, the pastel blue of your dreams is HERE and you can treat your heart out. 

    Peach Prosecco

    Since the Color of the Year was announced, we’ve been mixing and mixing to get the perfect shade of peach and we bottled it up in Peach Prosecco! No mixing cocktails needed here! This peach pastel combines soft orange with sugar pink for a blend that is TRULY the perfect peach. And with peach blonde taking over 2024, what better time to indulge than now? Platinum babes can pour up Peach Prosecco hair dye and enjoy the full effect while darker bases - well, you’ll need a few lightening sessions to get there. 

    Pistachio Macaron 

    Would any pastel collection be complete without the perfectly soft mint green? Pistachio Macaron hair dye is a soft, muted mint with tones slightly warmer than our tried and true favorite, Neverland. Indulge fully in this pastel green on a level 10+ base. These tones will make you feel like a true fairy, perfect for spring hair, and festival season looks. 


    Does she need an introduction? You know her as the star of baby pink hair and the perfect soft pink pastel. We gave her a little makeover and put her in a new bottle to star in the Pastel Hour, but she’s the same formula you love to pour up and enjoy. Level 10+ bases enjoy the full effect of soft baby pink, while darker bases will see a tone that is closer to rose gold. 

    Post Pastel Maintenance 

    We know you’re dyeing to try these new shades, but before you dive in, we have a little more tea to spill! Pastels can be a little fickle (shhh, don’t tell them we said that! 🤫), so to keep the dream alive, you’ll need to refresh consistently. You can grab an extra bottle to mix in with conditioner in the shower for frequent touch ups, or you can go darker by grabbing a similar, darker shade (think a darker version of the color you’re dreaming of), and add a few drops into your conditioner as well for a bit of a darker hue. 


    Don’t forget to tag us @arcticfoxhaircolor in your new pastel hair, we can’t wait to see you slay! 😍

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